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  1. What would be cool too is a house in North Yankton that does the same thing as the apartment; we'd need some buildings and for that invisible barrier to be removed though
  2. https://gt-mp.net/ Anyone given this a try? Seems promising (although I imagine it'd be at the same risk as FiveM) Would like to see a LSPDFR server taking us back to the SA:MP days
  3. Just out of curiosity what's the difference between the Brigham and the Merit Classic? Are they based on different vehicles?
  4. Can you make a version with the original GTA V rotator lightbar, like it is in the picture?
  5. I'm trying to edit popgroups.ymt, but it's encrypted so I can't access it or read it in the same way that I can .meta files, for example. To access this file, I copy it to a text file and rename the extension to .ymt. After I make my changes to the file and put it in the game, no vehicles show up in traffic and no peds appear around the map. Do I need to re-encrypt it? If that's not it, what am I doing wrong?
  6. Oh, I thought this was a set of vehicles. I'm dumb
  7. Is there any plan to update the pack to fix the mirror light textures?
    Very nice models, great for Lore-friendly packs! Hope to see an RDE Retro option someday!
  8. @11john11 Do you plan on making an RDE-retro pack? Like changing the RDE vehicles for yours?
  9. Any plans on updating it? Really enjoying the mod so far!
  10. So it seems that I have an issue getting sirens on AI cars to stay on. They'll be active for about five seconds, then shut off and back on again. I don't know why it's doing this. I have EUP, RDE, and Albo's callout packs installed. Non-ELS, No visual modifications.
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