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  1. I love the vehicle and I appreciate the work you've put into it, but is there any chance you can make it support multiple liveries?
  2. It would be nice if you could make some DHS skins for some of the new ELS vehicles coming out. A lot of people tend to ignore making skins for agencies such as the FPS and Border Patrol.
  3. Ever thought of updating this car to be ELS compatible?
    I love the model and the lights look amazing, especially at night. It's a great car for undercover and gang patrols. However there is a bug when a door comes off, the shell of the car appears. Other than that bug, its a great car.
  4. PDaniels, specifically what settings for brightness did you use to dim the ads on the taxis on paint.net? I have some custom taxi ads that I want to fix and so far I haven't been successful.
  5. Whenever I go to the Pacific Standard Bank to start the heist, it cuts to the end dialogue and ends the call. Does anyone have a solution for this?
    These skins are so well made! They look great while doing patrols up in Paleto Bay. However, could you post links in the description for the vehicles? It took quite a while to find the exact vehicles, especially for the interceptor.
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