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    Candice reacted to Phanta in Bullet Shell impact on chassis   
    Dear Candice,
    I fixed it. I was almost ready to give up. I went over everything in that post again, everything was as it was supposed to be. When I started comparing my base model to other CVPI dev models, I noticed that mine doesn't have a bodyshell, and what normally would be the bodyshell was merged with the chassis. Apparently bullets never show on the chassis itself, since it's always fully hidden by everything around it. Once I extracted the paint layer from the Chassis and made it into a Bodyshell, all works now. Learn something new every day. Thanks for your help, love your work! Thanks 🙂
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    Candice got a reaction from Phanta in Bullet Shell impact on chassis   
    take your collision mesh in vertex mode and select the grouped polygon nodes to stretch the cols over the vehicle mesh. if this doesn't work import in a default model swap out the COL and shape it to fit new model. 
    http://forum.zmodeler3.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=7349 this is a forum post on collisions and what not, in case i missed something else 
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    Candice reacted to OfficerAndre in Best NYPD mods!   
    Mods that are perfect for NYPD roleplay!
    Hi, hope you are doing well with your policing! I frequently switch out my mods, and when I do so, I often end up simulating real departments/offices/agencies and what not. Lately, I have been patrolling as the NYPD and I am loving it! So I thought I would share the few and very good mods I use to do so.
    Click the titles to be redirected to the download pages for each mod.
    [ELS] New York Police Department Pack by @Walters
    Of course one of the first things we would need for our New York Police Department would be vehicles. And the great modder @Walters got our back! With his amazing NYPD vehicle pack, my man gives us the best of the NYPD with everything from the beautiful regular patrol vehicles, to Highway Patrol, to more tactical vehicles. My friends... this pack even has an undercover taxi, as well as a prison bus. At this time; I would not hesitate in choosing a vehicle pack for NYPD roleplay. 

    Image from @Walters NYPD album. 
    MEGA NYPD PACK by @Dualift
    The next vital thing for our NYPD roleplay would be police officers/uniforms and on this one, it @Dualift who got our back. With amazing work, @Dualift gives us a beautiful product covering NYPD, NYPD Auxiliary, PBA, ESU, PAPD as well as the CRC. Yep, that is a lot and it is a lot of greatness, which you can read more about at the download page. 

    Image from @Dualift's download page. // With one of @Walters ' vehicle from the NYPD pack in the background.
    NYPD EUP Uniforms Pack by @CadmiumRed
    Which I can understand, some of you have a too strong heart for EUP, this is where @CadmiumRed saves you from heartbreaking with the great NYPD EUP Pack!

    Image from @CadmiumRed's download page, of one of the female uniforms. 
    Real NYPD FedSig SS2000 Rumbler Siren + AIRHORN by @HanXue
    Now... can't run around with NYPD Units without real NYPD sirens. With @HanXue's great siren mod you can respond code 3 sounding like a proper NYPD unit. The FedSig SS2000 Rumbler Siren is very well made, sounds like the real thing and has a fantastic airhorn. 

    Image of the inside of an NYPD cruiser.
    NYPD Police Stations by @Candice
    Another pleasing addition to your NYPD mods collection is the NYPD Police Stations by @Candice. As you patrol the streets in LSPDFR your NYPD unit will be stationed in an interesting and great looking NYPD station.

    Image from @Candice' download page. One of the many beautiful stations.
    New York State Police Mega Pack [ELS] by @t0y
    If you want to play as the state police, look no longer for good vehicles to use. My boy @t0y got us covered with one of the finest vehicles pack on lspdfr.com. 

    Image from @t0y's download page. (Loss of quality due to the compression made to fit this post.)
    Other mods I use to enhance my roleplay experience:
    Gun Sounds Overhaul Colt M4A1 (+Attachments) Glock 17 Police Station Armory  
    I of course also use essential mods like Computer+, Callouts, LSPDFR+ and so on.
    If you have any mods of yours or even others that you feel would with the NYPD roleplay; you can send a message to me to have them included in the post or post them in the comments below. 
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    Candice reacted to Spartacus6108 in Couprt or Failed Archive on Download   
    I'd be willing to bet it's a version incompatibility issue since my version of winrar is quite old. However, this is the first time I've ever had an issue opening a rar file with it so I'm rather surprised it hasn't come up before. I will download a newer version of winrar later today or tomorrow and report back.
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    Candice reacted to Cyan in Couprt or Failed Archive on Download   
    It opens fine for me in WinRAR. A file test reveals no errors.

    I did notice the archive is using RAR5, so if people had an older version of WinRAR there potentially could be problems.
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    Candice reacted to mclovin109 in Part Request (or help)- Flashing Blue Reverse lights   
    i finally figured it out. they still had the reverse light ID (12) so only lit up when in reverse. (thank you @OfficerFive0 and @11john11 for your help although you dont even know)
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    Candice reacted to Deputy Tahoe in Zmod Hubcap Trouble   
    Ooooohhh, that makes sense. Thanks once again for helping me with my problems. I really appreciate it.
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    Candice reacted to Thero in 2018 Ford F-150 Police Responder   
    I believe he meant the vehicle model. Since the vehicle has never been released as a DEV Model the 3d model for it needs to be purchased from a 3d content site. So I believe he is asking if you are paying for the model and want someone to convert it to GTA5 is what was being asked.
    Also scratch modeling takes months of work and very few people here know how to do it and those that do typically have a lot of projects in there queue already.
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    Candice got a reaction from NightSt4lker in Help with ELS   
    You need to merge in a new copy after installing the fix. New document >> merge >> export
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    Candice got a reaction from Giordano in OIV Auto Installer   
    you are very correct sir, thats all it is, took me a few months to figure that out . did some research and found out how to do it.
    now that i have rename the winrar to OIV it no longer triggers a manual review, thats good cause i plan on updated all my 15 vehicles to to use this install method,
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    Candice reacted to CouthInk4 in OIV Auto Installer   
    I believe any file that the system can't read (Such as winrar files inside a winrar file) or OIV installers automatically fail the check as it cannot read it, thus marking it for manual approval. That being said manual approval only takes 1-2 days (generally within the first day) to get reviewed/accepted.
    that being said because it's coming up to the Christmas season it may take longer, if you have any files that are requiring approval and you feel it's been a reasonable amount of time (example: don't PM me as soon as you upload it requesting it to be approved since a. that's annoying and b. you can wait) but if it's like 3-5 days then feel free to PM and i'll be more than happy to review your file and accept it. 
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    Candice reacted to Giordano in manual review   
    From what I've gathered, if they can't extract it might be because they don't have winRAR, 7Zip, or any extractor.  There have been times in the past where the site had a minor issue, but it was temporary.
    Just to add regarding the analysis, I check the downloads multiple times per day and just approved your file a little bit ago, and then again just now.  If your file ever goes longer than three days without approval, you're more than welcome to PM me, as I generally try to keep on top of that.
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    Candice got a reaction from GameOwnerTJE in NYPD Vehicle Pack   
    did you even look there are many different packs and vehicle for this 
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    Candice reacted to Thero in Opinions Needed for Light Texture   
    Wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what they thought is better (I've heard mix reviews with some people liking the current one and others that wanted something more like the new one).
    FPIS Ford Taurus has the old lightbar texture
    FPIU Ford Explorer has the new lightbar texture
    Looking to see what everyone thinks red blues look better as well as Traffic Advisor Lights.
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    Candice got a reaction from Giordano in ELS Unmarked police hearse   
    got it to work finally 
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    Candice got a reaction from Giordano in ELS Unmarked police hearse   
    no reason i can tell, but thero would be the one to figure out the issue ive come to know that sometimes GTA doesnt like modding of certrain vehicles or will only let you go so far.  i did the car like i do any other, except i had to move the extras to misc slots since the hearse has some extra slots
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    Candice got a reaction from Giordano in ELS Unmarked police hearse   
    You can use my corner van with an all black skin, that might do the job for now.
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    Candice reacted to Giordano in Non-ELS Vehicles   
    I don't think you can convert ELS to non ELS.  If you want non-ELS models, there are plenty on this site and GTA 5 mods.  Also, just so you're aware, if the VCF is configured properly, non specific ELS cars will work with ELS, you just won't have the same functionality in terms of light customization.
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    Candice reacted to HeyImSquiggles in [REQUEST] Blue lights template   
    Thank you sir!
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    Candice got a reaction from Giordano in [REQUEST] Blue lights template   
    try this 

    u might also try adjusting your graphics settings and the LED Corona Mod 
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    Candice reacted to Jersedevl in ELS UI Menu   
    Yeah got that from the PDF thank you! Sick gif btw legit dope, I should make one with my taurus interceptor xD
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    Candice got a reaction from LegionGL in Where do you find your resources? (new to creating textures)   
    If you scroll through this channel there are a few here already can't up load all of them.  Several modders added to it.
    #dev resources
    Sorry for the clutter in that channel, I make a lot of my own resources be glad to teach you and help out
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    Candice reacted to WhiskeyBehavior in Where do you find your resources? (new to creating textures)   
    That's looking good!
    I'm basing my BCSO skins off several different midwest SO fleets I've seen... small budget so therefore older cars/outdated and simple liveries. I have my LSCSD as my "well funded" sheriff as they get the caprice/fpiu/fpis/chargers/etc...
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    Candice reacted to 0taku in HQ mirrors [Tutorial]   
    After figuring out how to make HQ mirrors (like on my Go4) I thought I would make a quick vid showing how I do it  so other people can make their mirrors look much better.

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    Candice reacted to Thero in HQ mirrors [Tutorial]   
    Been meeting to come back to this after liking it on my phone and thank you for making this!