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Mods that are perfect for NYPD roleplay!


Hi, hope you are doing well with your policing! I frequently switch out my mods, and when I do so, I often end up simulating real departments/offices/agencies and what not. Lately, I have been patrolling as the NYPD and I am loving it! So I thought I would share the few and very good mods I use to do so.


Click the titles to be redirected to the download pages for each mod.


[ELS] New York Police Department Pack by @Walters

Of course one of the first things we would need for our New York Police Department would be vehicles. And the great modder @Walters got our back! With his amazing NYPD vehicle pack, my man gives us the best of the NYPD with everything from the beautiful regular patrol vehicles, to Highway Patrol, to more tactical vehicles. My friends... this pack even has an undercover taxi, as well as a prison bus. At this time; I would not hesitate in choosing a vehicle pack for NYPD roleplay. 



Image from @Walters NYPD album



MEGA NYPD PACK by @Dualift

The next vital thing for our NYPD roleplay would be police officers/uniforms and on this one, it @Dualift who got our back. With amazing work, @Dualift gives us a beautiful product covering NYPD, NYPD Auxiliary, PBA, ESU, PAPD as well as the CRC. Yep, that is a lot and it is a lot of greatness, which you can read more about at the download page. 



Image from @Dualift's download page. // With one of @Walters ' vehicle from the NYPD pack in the background.



NYPD EUP Uniforms Pack by @CadmiumRed

Which I can understand, some of you have a too strong heart for EUP, this is where @CadmiumRed saves you from heartbreaking with the great NYPD EUP Pack!



Image from @CadmiumRed's download page, of one of the female uniforms. 



Real NYPD FedSig SS2000 Rumbler Siren + AIRHORN by @HanXue

Now... can't run around with NYPD Units without real NYPD sirens. With @HanXue's great siren mod you can respond code 3 sounding like a proper NYPD unit. The FedSig SS2000 Rumbler Siren is very well made, sounds like the real thing and has a fantastic airhorn. 



Image of the inside of an NYPD cruiser.



NYPD Police Stations by @Candice

Another pleasing addition to your NYPD mods collection is the NYPD Police Stations by @Candice. As you patrol the streets in LSPDFR your NYPD unit will be stationed in an interesting and great looking NYPD station.


Station from the mod

Image from @Candice' download page. One of the many beautiful stations.



New York State Police Mega Pack [ELS] by @t0y

If you want to play as the state police, look no longer for good vehicles to use. My boy @t0y got us covered with one of the finest vehicles pack on lspdfr.com. 


FPIU from t0y's pack

Image from @t0y's download page. (Loss of quality due to the compression made to fit this post.)



Other mods I use to enhance my roleplay experience:


I of course also use essential mods like Computer+, Callouts, LSPDFR+ and so on.


If you have any mods of yours or even others that you feel would with the NYPD roleplay; you can send a message to me to have them included in the post or post them in the comments below. 

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