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  1. so before i start i did look at some of the threads with same issues but no results. So that being Said I DO NOT HAVE ANY PLUGINS OR CALL OUTS in the game I DO NOT HAVE ANY MODDED CARS... IT IS A COMPLETE CLEAN INSTALL... I have done it with 5 diffrent game folders 2 of them AUTO Install and 3 manual install... SO game loads up and i can go on duty but when im on duty and call comes in it will do a FULL game crash... i can do a traffic stop but when i call in for backup its a FULL game crash... when i force a call out its a FULL game crash... i have tried the SLIMDX issues and it still crashes... so before u say check your plugins or post a link for working plugins for it I DO NOT HAVE ANY PLUGINS AND CALL OUTS its just a plain LSPDFR .4 with NO ADDITIONAL MODS installed. so some help would be great THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Just a Charger Skin i made awhile back that never released and decided to release it. Its not based of any Departments i was just messing around and ended up liking how it turned out. It should fit any 2016 charger that uses charger_sign_1 if not the link for JJDAWKINS charger is in the read me. Hope you guys enjoy it! ***DISCLAIMER**** DO NOT MODIFY, RE UPLOAD , RIP ANY OF MY WORK! Do not use it in any Five M servers with out my permission! Car modeler's if you wanna use these liveries for your model screenshots make sure you ask me first! Other than that thanks for checking them out hope you enjoy them!
  3. Thanks man @Pavy for helping with the smallest issue out there! i was litarly loosing my mind lol glad you were able to fix it thank you so much!
  4. SSD Disk (E:) -SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V/LSPDFR
  5. the 261 folder has call outs installed in it and the 44.3 picture dosnt have call outs in its just base LSPDFR folder
  6. so i ran into little issue yesterday... i make a new LSPDFR folder last night and tested many times and as i install each plugin and script and what not.. then i noticed that i dont hear dispatch audio feedback when i get a call? but i hear the beat sound when ur reciving the call but not actual dispatch voice in my headset as i was doing that i was testing my stream aswell and i was able to hear the dispatch in the stream but not in my headset or speakers... ok so i thought must of installed something wrong like Better dispatch audio or Xscanner... take both of those out still same issue... so i decide to make a fresh new folder with only LSPDFR in the game nothing else no plugins or nothing.... same issues i get no dispatch audio just the noise of the radio that it no actual dispatch voice telling me what the call is... Keep in mind im on the latest RPH and latest scripthookv a well. I know some people that are on the same update and they dont have a problem with the game at all. So if anyone know what my issue is and can help that be awesome thanks in the advance!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This Pack is based of Milwaukee County WI. It includes Blaine County, Los Santos County, and the Milwaukee County. Decided to do all three so you have more options to choose from! I decided to make this pack after taking a trip to Milwaukee and noticed that there are no skins made for this county so thought why not try it! The link for cars that i used for the Template is in the Read Me. You can join my discord for future skins WIP screenshots or requests. - https://discord.gg/FqqkvY7 This pack Includes 15 Tahoe - K9 15 Tahoe - Supervisor and Patrol 16 Charger 14 Impala Huge Thanks to Pacific Pig for showing me how to use Paint.net and for the screenshots and beta testing the skins! Kahlandir for giving me tips on how to go about making the skins! Yo_Adrian for beta testing the skin in a video! ***DISCLAIMER**** This is my very first Skin pack I ever released Publicly. So that being said its not gonna be perfect and instead of Bashing on it and being all negative bout it tell me what needs to be fixed in a respectful way and I will fix it DO NOT MODIFY, RE UPLOAD , RIP ANY OF MY WORK! Do not use it in any Five M servers with out my permission! Car modeler's if you wanna use these liveries for your model screenshots make sure you ask me first! Other than that thanks for checking them out hope you enjoy them!
    Awesome skins! toke me awhile to figure out how to install the reflective part other than that awesome skin!
    Awesome Textures man! really enjoyed them! fun theme for halloween they looked amazing in game!
    This was the first pack I used that was created by you man and when i saw it i knew it was gonna be awesome but when i installed it into the game it looked even 100 times better man! loved the pack and the creativity! keep up the hard work man!
    Bro! absolutely loved the skins! The detail and design was awesome! Quality was little to high for my game to handle but made it work and enjoyed using them man! keep up with awesome textures like this!
    Awesome pack Man! Enjoyed it a lot! Cars looked fantastic love all blue lighting and how many lights each cars have! only minor issues that i had with them is the CVPI interior seemed to have silverish look idk if thats my game or not and also i felt like the FPIU tint was little to dark but other than that was an amazing pack man! Keep up the great work! Here is the stream i used them in!
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