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    That's an amazing skin broski! Awesome job!
    Only seen this agency once in my life, but looks just like the real thing. Only cons I have is the badge on the chest needs reworked. Looks like it was just slapped on top of another badge. And the patches on the sleeves need to be a tad bit smaller. Other then that great job on this!
    One of the few clean looking pickup trucks I've seen in a while. Love the simple light setup you have on it as well.
    Great car simple light setup! Great work on it bud!
    Adds so much immersion to the police station. Love this map mod. The academy just adds a touch of difference as well as SWAT guys just hangin' out same with the motorcycle units. Great job on this, hopefully more police stations in the future?
    Very simple design, absolutely enjoyed using them.
  1. I completely forgot about this forum, but back again with #261 with one of my favorite textures made! Go check it out and let me know what y'all think!
    Actually enjoyed this scenario for a map mod. Awesome work!
    Even though I'm not really a fan of the new livery, this skin actually makes it look good! Awesome job on it.
    Great AST pack right here. Happy to see an expedition
    Enjoyed using these textures Kilroy, keep up the awesome work!
    Phenomenal job on these! I absolutely loved them
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