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  1. Yo Adrian

    Transit Callouts Pack

    I actually enjoy the callouts! Only gave it 4 stars only for the fact that fare evasion callout literally spawns a ped in the middle of a road, no where near a bus. And that one of the callouts will not work for me. "Assault in Metro" But other then that, it's a great idea man, hopefully you can get some updates in for it! Would love to see a fight at a subway station, or even some generic "boring" callouts, like a broken down bus, or even a bus collision, or person hit by a metro train. Make for something interesting!
    Awesome skins bro! Old video, but they show the skins well.
    Awesome job on your first skin pack broski! Hope to see more from you soon!
    Love this car pack, especially the lightbar!
  2. Yo Adrian

    Border Patrol Tahoe [ELS]

    I like the look of it with the bumper missing, nice job man!
  3. Yo Adrian

    Los Santos Police Department [Pack]

    These are some awesome textures man!
  4. Yo Adrian

    Sandy Shores Police (Rifle PD, CO Based)

    Love how these came out man!
  5. Yo Adrian

    [ELS] San Andreas State Transport Police Mini-Pack

    These look amazing man, can't wait to put these in my game
    First! Enjoyed the skin buddy! Keep up the awesome work Pig!
  6. Yo Adrian

    [ELS] 2004 Los Santos Police CVPI Pack

    Great model Kilroy! Only bugs was the static interior, but you fixed that lol. Awesome job on your 1st model bro!
  7. Yo Adrian


    Love this Tahoe,
    These are some nice looking peds.
  8. Yo Adrian

    Henry County Sheriffs Office Mini-Pack [LORE+IRL]

    Damn these came out nice buddy! Will be using these for an episode soon!
  9. Yo Adrian

    2008 Dodge Magnum Police

    Been waiting for a Magnum for a while now. Awesome job on the car!
  10. Yo Adrian

    (4K) Los Santos County Sheriff Pack

    Enjoyed using these skins. A little different look, but I like it.