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  1. .Chandler.

    [4K] Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    I knew I was forgetting something... Thanks for pointing it out! Here. 2010 Charger
  2. Version


    Hey everyone! I made more BCSO textures........ LSPD pack coming soon though Anyway... I hope you enjoy this silver BCSO pack! These are transparent textures so don't be alarmed when you spawn them and they turn out white. Just change the vehicle color to metallic silver. Vehicles used: Ram 1500 (Hopefully will be back soon)
  3. .Chandler.

    [4K] BCSO Pack (Marion County, FL Based)

    I didn't use that but I do remember seeing it and reading the comments about how people were confused as to how it worked. So I just made them from scratch.
  4. Version


    Hey guys! I thought I'd make Marion County, Florida for you guys. I am sure many of you have seen this design on OCRP. Enjoy! Vehicles used:
  5. .Chandler.

    [4K] Paleto Bay Police (Huntley, IL Based)

    I know! They are so simple yet so unique. I'm glad you like them!
  6. Version


    Hey guys! Here is a small Paleto Bay pack based off of my home town police department. SPECIAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: In this file, there is a a file called "black 11" On the FPIU, You must replace the first "black 1" on the list in open IV with the "black 11' file. (it is the 32x32 one) This paints the back pillars of the car white for it's unique look. Vehicles used:
  7. Yeah I'm sure it is an Open IV thing. Hope everything works out for you!
  8. Hey SCUfan117, That white spot on the hood only shows up in Open IV. Throw it in-game and it should be fine. Good luck! Edit: I read that completely wrong... Only thing that will make the hood black looking at the actual texture is that black block at the top. Is that supposed to be the roof?
    Quality textures as always! By the way... I LOVE the screenshot of the FPIU in front of the water!
  9. Version


    Sorry about the boring screenshots... There are just so many different cars and variations I gave up taking "cool" shots. There are a lot of variations that are not pictured such as DUI Enforcement, Traffic Unit, K-9 Unit, and Crime Scene Unit. All of the vehicles used are listed below as always. Hope you all enjoy this pack! Vehicles used: These uniforms will go great with these skins
  10. .Chandler.

    [4k] City Of Paleto Bay Police Pack

    Yes. This is based off of Rochester.
  11. Version


    Hello everyone! I'm sure a lot of you know that earlier this month U had "quit" LSPDFR. I chose to leave the site due to the situations happening in the community at the time. The atmosphere of the community and the site was pretty bad and I just felt as if I needed to take a break. Another main reason I left was in support of some fellow developers. They had brought up some great points and I decided to tag along in their "protest" so to say. Recently, It seems to have cleared up and there is less drama and controversy in the community and I have decided to return. I do realize that my "I quit car" was very unprofessional and unnecessary and I apologize for that completely. Aside from all of that, I hope you enjoy this simple two car Paleto Bay Police pack. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or rating! Enjoy! Vehicles used: