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  1. @Sam316 I had same situation which "On foot animation in the vehicle". But I pushed "N" (LSPDFR radio menu) , player ped animation was reverted to hold steering wheel with both hands.
  2. You can download here. https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/lssd-seb-ped-model
  3. Both version has same trouble. I replace police 2 for "without pushbar", and Install "with pushbar" as addon vehicle. It's looks like lightbar mounting stays are moving outside/inside with synchronize ELS extras switching while lighting stage 3.
  4. Hi, thanks for your great job. I have trouble that is same of verony28066's trouble. Would you please fix it ?. Thanks.
  5. is a great update. Check victim's name, check victim's vehicle type and license number before tow, check suspect's vehicle type and license number before tow, I took a note about these. Then open computer+ and begin to write arrest report. So, I pass my time half of one session to write arrest report. This is the police officer's duty. "If you want to be a good cop, you must not to be afraid to do paper work."
  6. I think that Marquess should read ELS user-guide included DOCUMENTATION folder. Why there are setting like this ? This mod is the answer. If he dislikes steady burn red light, he has chance to use other mod. In this site, there are many sweet mod without steady burn red light. I love this mod because this is the California Highway Patrol.
  7. Hi Thanks for your sweet mod. I want to suggest about first camera offset of BMW R1200 (policeb) I often use first person view when drive vehicle and I feel that Sanchez setting camera offset is a bit low. Of course I use "vehicles.meta" setting included this mod. So, I tested to change Pov camera offset z axis setting. <PovCameraOffset x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="0.100000" /> And this is screen shot. How about this setting.
    This skin is good. 7 NEWS is not good.
    Awesome mod. Model is good, texture is good, VCF is good. Thanks Black Jesus.
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