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Hello there,


Before you message me anything please read this FAQs i get all the time since your answer might be in there already.


Q: I cannot get your vehicles to work or my lights arent working etc what am i doing wrong?

A:First of all make sure you have read the files description carefully because i always have clear installation instructions there. If that fails make sure you have everything else you need installed properly (ELS, Scripthook V, open iv, openiv loaders etc). If you think there is something i did wrong or if there is a bug somewhere then you can messeage me and i will try to fix it if its something from my end.


Q:Can you make this vehicle or this pack Non-ELS for me?

A:Sorry but no. Making something Non-ELS is a completely different story from ELS and i am terrible at doing it, on top of that its a lot more work to make something Non-ELS. I currently only have one vehicle that is Non-ELS.


Q:Hello, i am from this Fivem community and i want you to make me custom cars for me i will give you this and that and make you resource manager etc.

A:Sorry but the same applies as before i dont do Non-ELS plus i really dont have the time for it anyway.


Q:I wanna suggest you to make a pack based on this county, City Department etc

A:I will have a look and if i like it and i think i can make this i will consider it but i am not doing it privately just for you. If i make something its gonna be public.


Q:Can you add this vehicle to this pack?

A:If i already have realease a pack it means thats all i had time to make or i simply didnt find it suitable to add any more vehicles. Please also understand there is always gonna be someone telling me to add this or that car and i simply cannot take everyones request.


Q:Can you give me this light or vehicle or equipment unlocked?

A:Almost 99.9% of what i use is a free public DEV resource that you can download yourself and the other 0.01% is something i probably scratch made myself and for that i will probably realease it in public as a DEV resource if people want it and i will NEVER ask for money or share it privately.



If you think you found a bug in one of my vehicles etc then DM me ASAP  and i will try to fix it when i can. Before you do so make sure i already dont have it noted in the "Known Bugs" Section of my file description since it means i obviously already know it and i am currently working on fixing it.