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  1. I has been out of the loop, you guys are doing great with the next LSPDFR update, thank you. I have a question though. Since Albo1125 was "integrated" into the team (as far as I remember), are (some of) his mods going to be included into LSPDFR? Albo's mods are essential (in fact they're in "essential" category), they look like they should be in the package by default.
  2. Do I need really make some models to have opinion about models from other guys? I think not. When you go to restaraunt, you don't need to be a chef to have an opinion about dish you buy. What? How the hell my PC is related to this model and to my comments to it? Ah, seems like I need to buy SLI1080ti, and then this Camry will become a nice car with windows made of glass, with good textures, materials and colors. Got it.
  3. Meh. It's kind of funny, people here create "serious" names ("designs" is necessary!) for their creative activities to look like a real creative studio, then they release their models with fancy descriptions with logos.. The funny thing is, most of those "LookingSerious Designs" dudes release mediocre models, or even just bad. It looks like a hobo dressed in a tuxedo with a bottle of expensive whisky with cheap beer in it. No offence. Where are the windows? I'm sure Camry has windows. Are they gone? Is it a part of the design?
    I really like Dodge cars. I'm truly in love with old Challengers, new ones are fine too. I always wanted to have unmarked Challenger in my police fleet. But this is no way 5\5 car like people write here. Tons of bugs. TONS. The first one is noticeable even outside of the car, just look at those windows. Firstly I thought there were no windows at all, but they're just 99,9% transparent. They also seem to be unbreakable. Meh. Okay, you get in the car aaand hit it a bit. Damage model is awful. There are some outlines and textures hanging in the air, strange pieces protruding through the car.. ugh. Rims are pitch black (I suppose they're made of velor? Or why can't they reflect the light?). I can't even think about it. Just check it yourself. Seems like people here don't even drive this car, or they just don't care and easily rate every car with "OMG 10 OUT OF 10". I personally can't give 5 stars to such an unpolished car. If you're looking for well-made (technically) vehicle, pass by. 1 star for trying and 1 star for the lighting. I hope MrPotato repair this Chall someday. This review may contain bad grammar, sorry for that.
  4. Colors are shifted. Just compare them to vanilla. That white girl on vanilla ad looks like a black girl on those fixed ads. Some parts pass bright light, thus making ads patchy (not uniform). Quality of ads (sharpness) probably depends on your in-game settings though. My ads are completely the same as vanilla, with good compressing and with no colors shifted, i.e. they're authentic. I don't blame anyone, I just made my own fix that fit my tastes and shared it here.
  5. It should. Try it, then tell me if you get bad results. I'll fix it quickly.
    Great plugin, if you want to customize your loadout. Some weapons are missing, as well as paintjobs, but it's not critical thing in this case. Install it and you'll be happy with your guns.
  6. Okay, where are they? Show me. "Tons" are actually two, that one mentioned by me and another in "Make Visuals Great Again" package (which is completely THE SAME as the first one)? They're both the same and weird, I guess it's the same texture released by two guys.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hello there! It's another (second) Taxi ad fix on LSPDFR. It's a humble fix, it fixes Taxi Ads when using any mod that modifies visualsettings.dat file. The first one (by PDaniels) is quite good but a bit weird aswell. I found 5 minutes to create a better fix since there's only one (or I just think it's better LOL). You may use it or not use it. It's always good to have different choices, right? Installation: 1. Pick one folder depending on your taxi. 1.a) If you have vanilla unmodded taxi, then pick up "ytd" folder and place taxi.ytd in any patchday (the latter the better, because of .rpf size) archive into x64/ levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf. 1.b) If you're already using vanilla modded taxi (changed textures for example), then pick "texture" folder and replace taxi_signs_2 in your taxi.ytd via OpenIV like you did with other textures. Only you know where's your taxi.ytd. Default GTAV location is x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf , but I prefer putting vehicle files in patchdays because of rpf size. This fix probably will not work with custom taxi models, if they use their own ad boards. RESULT MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR VISUALSETTINGS.DAT FILE. TESTED WITH "NOT TOO BRIGHT LIGHTS". PLEASE REPORT UNCOMFORTABLE BRIGHTNESS WHEN USING OTHER MODS.
  8. @OfficerFive0 Great pack, thank you! Though I have a problem with Tahoe (actually Tahoe has a problem). There's a really huge gap beneath front bumper when the bumper is off. It's weird.
  9. Yep, seems like it was, according to the changelog. Probably. I'm gonna check it.
  10. My custom vehicles (there are 4 for now) are pretty much lightweight, the largest one is ~300k polys, 8 mb, "pranger" slot, ELS FPIU by TheHurk. Others are under ~200k polys, installed in police, police2, police4 and fbi slots.
  11. Maybe. We should wait for TheHurk response about scene lights, if they work for him then something is wrong with ELS itself. I clearly see orange and cyan on those screenshots. I think it's intentional. You can use slicktop version, it has red and blue colors.
  12. Thehurk says this FPIU has SCL support. CVPI by BxBugs seems like to be having SCL support aswell (according to Albo's video). Maybe it's just a bug? I can see a lot of feedback about ELS not being working at all.
  13. I don't know where I should report bugs, but I'm gonna create bugreport right here. So. Game version: 944 RPH version: 0.49.1041.10069 Other .asi mods: BVA, ENT Issue description: scene lights (SCL) do not work for me. I have 4 vehicles installed, 3 of them actually have scene lights, they're enabled in VCF and supposed to be working. SCL button isn't active (it shows as "-"). Hotkey (alt+]) does not work. Removing other .asi plugins does not resolve the problem. Reinstalling does not resolve the problem. Seems like ELS does not read particular settings from .ini file. Seems like nobody else has this problem (I'm lucky). Logfile: http://pastebin.com/xkQi87V8
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