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  1. would you be kind enough to show me? yes, change the vehicle.meta too can you dm me about this
  2. dm me your meta and i will take a look
  3. do it in the mods vehicle meta not the meta in my pack
  4. LSSD and other packs are long till arrival the new should fix it. if not then copy the policet line vehicles.meta inside my pack to the game's mod folder vehicles.meta and replace the old line with the new one line
  5. everything works fine, you will have to download the new .txt to get the new link
  6. then no, you can't have it shine on one side only. It can either shine everywhere like scene lights or only left and right
  7. you can switch between alley or scene light in the .xml
  8. there is a template download in the download section sorry for the hard to understand instructions
  9. what didn't work, can you be more specific?
  10. I have never tested ELS on FiveM so I don't know what the problem is. So I am sorry I can't help you
  11. I have never tested this but one thing for sure is ELS doesn't work so well on FIVE M
  12. send me some pics i will do it as soon as I have time
  13. I am working on it, but I first gotta finish a lot of things before getting there
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