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  1. You have to configure each siren* in carcols.ymt file and set proper sirensetting for your vehicle in carvariations.ymt/meta Here's the topic about carcols editing
  2. MrKoteJ

    Need help with headlight strobes

    Thank you for reply! Will try this asap
  3. Hello guys, i have a little problem with headlight strobes i'm making for Stanier. I'll try to explain with screenshots. This is how it looks in Zmodeler These lights was made by copying poligons from "parking lights" that was merged with headlights and changing their material to lightemissive i'm using for emergency lights. They're not clipping through headlight, not blocked by anything else (except glass) But in game it looks like this. Day and night, headlights off: White lights on bottom of the bumper are merged with these blue/red, they are bright and have coronas as they should to. But colored lights are dim, like they have not lightemissive material. And this happen when i turn on headlights: As you can see, colored lights are now bright and have coronas. So they actually becomes lightemissive when headlights are turned on. How to fix this?
  4. MrKoteJ

    Cant see my modded cars

    I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's one great mod made by Albo1125 that called "Modding DLC Pack V". It adds new dlcpack that will be always loaded after all patchdays, so if you put your vehicles' data (models, textures, configs) in there they will always load instead of default ones. And another benefit of this mod is that you can easily remove any models without damaging game files. Link to mod
  5. MrKoteJ

    Best car pack?

    Oh, i just checked and it seems that i have different mod similar to Free My Controller.
  6. MrKoteJ

    Best car pack?

    Huh, i have both FMC and ELS and ELS works fine with controller. You have to set AllowController = true in ELS.ini
  7. MrKoteJ

    New GTA update coming 29th August

    Maybe one beautiful day they will update old vehicles to new quality standards they set with latest updates.
  8. MrKoteJ

    License plate issues (zmodeler3)

    Can you please explain, how did you fixed this? I got the same issue with car - with steelies wheels license plate disappears, but with wheels with hubcaps it works fine Nice car, btw
  9. MrKoteJ

    Car Liveries, Ped skins, Weapon Skins

    This is your direction
  10. MrKoteJ

    Whelen Mini Freedom (IV/V)

    Lol, this woman screaming in the video background is hilarious, especially if you understand what she says
  11. I think you understood me wrong, sorry, I do not speak very well in English, so I do not always get to explain clearly :) Since lights 2 and 6 (same with 3 and 5, these are not extras, numbers just for clarity) are merged into one object (extra_2 for example), if i set lightbar as an extra (it can be removed) lights 2 and 3 will still appear when ELS toggle them with 5 and 6, so they will float in air. Is it possible to, maybe, somehow attach lights 2 and 3 to lightbar so when it's removed lights 2 and 3 will also be removed but 5 and 6 are not? UPD: Oh, just got an idea. What if i create invicible block w/o collision around these lights that will be removed when lightbar exist and and added when lightbar is removed? Is it possible? I just don't want to use a lot of almost identical vehicle models (with and w/o lightbar).
  12. Because hood is horizontal on almost all cars, so text on hood will be unreadable from front.