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  1. This is an issue with lot's of people. There are already different threads on this site dealing with the problem I advise you to read and follow the post from GunnDawg last thursday. You can find it here Good luck and let us know if you find a solution. A lot of people are gonna be happy. Peace and a .44
  2. Hey there, The crash on F11 apparently happens with some people. I changed the button in the EUP.ini from F11 to something else and that seems to work. But better is, if you don't have it yet, to install Skin Control plug-in. Let's you use all the same stuff you can use with EUP. Also make sure EUP is updated. Hope anything helps Peace and a .44
  3. Oki, thanks for the answer. I think I'm gonna roll my game back then to an older version. Everything worked there.
  4. I took and out and no crashes today. Thanks for the tip. But the fact is that I really can't play without it anymore. If you turn away from a vehicle it disappears. You might have any solution to this? Many thanks again for yer time
  5. Okelidokeli I will take it out and see what it does. Thanks for he explanation. Cheers
  6. Hmmm, maybe. But I don't want to jump conclusions about that because I've been playing flawlessly with it for years. The crashes only started after the new GTAV-RPH-etc update. Did you find it in the log or crash report?
  7. hey there, thanks for your effort Scripts and plug-ins - Albo1125 - Lspdfr troubleshooter - Arrest manager - Authentic lapd dispatch tone - Better EMS - Clear all the things - Clear the way V - Computer+ - Custom back-up - Entity persistence - Foot pursuit aid - FoV - Forced 1st person aim - Herocop - Keep calm - Keep the f**king door open - License plate randomiser - Lspdfr+ - Player location data - Police radio - Pursuit deterrence - Overlay away - Siren key - Skin control - Spotlight - Sticky wheels - Street name add-on - Traffic control - Traffic policer - Police search Call-outs - Agency callouts - Arrest warrant callout - Assorted callouts - Code red callouts - Law callouts - Nice callouts - PeterUcallouts - Wilderniss callouts - Simple callouts pack - Lpcallouts - Ravenguard callouts
  8. Howdy, I have all the latest LSPDFR necessary stuff installed and now my game always crashes after 5 minutes or less. Is there someone who could help me by reading the log please? Thanks in advance RagePluginHook.log RPH crash report.txt
  9. Well, I didn't get any other "issues" with LP on other call-outs. I've been playing in the meanwhile and got some LP call-outs without a problem. Not "that one" though so I cannot say for certainty if the "issue" is gone or not, if it was just temporarily, or this one time. But yeah, if you got exactly the same then I guess it's not a "one-timer" Do you also have CustomBack-Up installed?
  10. I know EUP has vests but no high-vis-protective vest. The vest your looking for can for sure be found in Skin Control plug-in/script. At least I use them
  11. And now it doesn't detect my prisoners so I cannot call Custom back-up for PT. Hmmm, I could have sworn it did it before. I'll try taking it out of the priority menu again. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Is there somebody out there who could, pretty please, make some high visibility protective vest skins/textures for standard LSPD, CHP and/or SAHP, BCSO and LSSD. For EUP or for Skin Control. Preferably both but preferably skin control. Thanks in advance for your time and effort. Peace and a Colt .45
  13. Okay...thanks in advance. Here it is. LPCModelDef.xml
  14. Howdy sir, I think you got an awesome mod there. 5/5 so far. But I got an issue. I modified the xml file you included. Ran it several times through xml validation programs. Had to adjust here and there but I finally got it right. I put a few add-on vehicles to it. Everything works fine for when I need back-up on a traffic stop or code3 back-up (on foot) at a shoot-out...but whenever I get in a car pursuit and call for back-up LSPDFR crashes. Could use some help with that please. This is the custom back-up xml I use right now. CustomBackup.xml And RPH log RagePluginHook.log Also, I just noticed, LSPDFR crashes when I call for an ambulance transport for a ped on foot, from the normal back-up menu. Is it because I choose the option to overwrite the original back-up.xml? But what happens with my back-up if I don't overwrite. I just get the same basic back-up right? Or does it then give me the option to choose which back-up menu I use?
  15. Another LP call-out now just worked flawlessly...???
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