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    If you're Aussie and a fan, download this ASAP! Well done Moose
  1. Awesome paddy wagon! I'm having trouble finding the correct 'carvariations.meta' to edit to get the darn lights to work. Could anyone help me on this please? I indeed have the steam version EDIT: FIXED!
  2. First time I seen it, thought I was on an entirely different forum. Looks nice
  3. Hours later, I got the result I wanted lol, and now I know how to revert back ( well that was the easy part ) as I did it that many times!
  4. @SgtKyle Ok, so I got it to work - FINALLY lol What I did was go into here: mods>Update>X64>Dlcpacks>patchday3ng>dlc.rpf>x64>levels>gta5>vehicles.rpf. And replaced the police.ytd file with the one supplied with this mod. This was ontop of replacing the 3 files specified in the credits/readme. EDIT: I had that same problem when trying to revert back to the original. What I did was delete the police_hi.ytf file from here: x64e.rpf>levels>gta5>vehicles.rpf. From memory I never had a police_hi.ytf file to begin with in there. Just try to replace only the 2 original police.ytd and police.ytf file, and try that.
  5. I love the look of the white stainer, but I am having some issues installing. Similar to SgtKyle. I even watched a video on how to properly install vehicle mods/textures, followed the readme/instructions to a t. I use the "Improve Spotlight and Corona mod" and allso have the "TIR6 light mod" installed - I put the vehshare.ytd into: x64e.rpf > levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf. I should allso mention, when I view the police.yft/ytd files in Open IV, they all look fine ( I see the blue sheriff texture on the vehicle ) (NOTE: I have a mods folder, and have tried without a mods folder = same result.) I really am scratching my head at this. This keeps happening:
    Well this is very useful for regular traffic patrols, while not taking calls only. Like stated, it makes very good use to use the above mentioned MODS. Have an unroadworthy car, or an ANPR hit on a vehicle? no problem, make great use of Police Radio and call for that backup and/or K9 Unit. Great immersion for the avid roleplayer. 5/5 Albo. You bring quality to LSPDFR as always. Keep it up! Oh and parking tickets?!? the amount of times I have come across vehicles in abnormal spots and/or unoccupied. Icing on the cake friends!
    3 consecutive hours of just doing Bait Car stings! Love this mod. Seems to work very well. Exceptional mod Stray. 5/5
    Well aren't you beast of a coder! I am not sure if I believe you about only coding for a short time lol. This mod is BRILLIANT! I rate this as a 'MUST HAVE' for any serious LSPDFR player. Keep it up Albo!
    5/5. Nice touch with the audio! Adds allot of immersion to the game. I always accept these callouts. Great for RP. Brilliant work Stealth!
  6. Seems to have done the trick! I knew it had to be some minor thing..
  7. I am allso CTD upon initial load of Story Mode. I hear "Code ADAM.." ect while it's loading, then immediate CTD. I have tried to run, just your Callout with none other. And allso alongside of LukeD's Callouts. Restarted my PC numerous times, reinstalled LSPDFR 0.2a ( with latest RHP ) but to no avail. I am not sure what I may be doing wrong? if there is something minor I am missing, please let me know. Allso, that is all that pops up in the Rage log. Seems all good to me.. I know this will be epic once I can get it to work. I usally have everything working, straight off the bat. Not this time.
    Nice! Adds that different flavour, then always having action pursuits! perfect mod - a must have! Thankyou Stray.
  8. Non lethal Taser!! Can't wait to test this puppy out upon the release of the compatible RHP! I was one of those affected performance wise with the previous patch. Look forward to playing again
  9. I accidently knocked the ped out while trying to ask for ID. xD Great work on the new LSPDFR 0.2, so much great new features, and works as intended. Thanks so much for providing us with FREE content for everyone to enjoy!
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