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  1. That would be from here http://www.gta-mod-center.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/625-holden-commodore-series-ii-my12-ss/
  2. Does the Rage menu still pop up at all? Does it show you any messages?
    Awesome work once again Mac! I like the little feature of the reverse light flashers turning on only when the siren is running. Speaking of which the siren you included is a nice touch too.
    First time I used it I pulled over a FGX Ute doing burnouts. 5/5 would pullover again.
    Love it! Was so few QPS vehicles! That MX7000 is sexy. The only issue I found(which may be just me and my settings) is the brake lights on the sedan, the corona is in the wrong spot(VF brake lights use the outer taillights) and the tail light texture(?) I guess you'd call it doesn't show apart from the centre brake light. Only a small thing, Great job.
  3. I would love to add this car to my fleet of LAPD vehicles I have but when I open it in Winrar after downloading it says the file is corrupt Edit: fixed
  4. Since these vehicles are only based off LAPD the light patterns aren't realistic to that of IRL LAPD. To do so basically what you need to do is change the Headlight ACORONA Pattern to 8 and colour to white on some vehicles, the PRML Lstg3 Pattern to 36 and the SECL Lstg3) Pattern to 12. Still testing around but this is what I've found works best.
    Great pack, it's really the first proper LAPD ELS pack on here which is surprising due to where the game is based off . I especially love the 16 FPIU, you nailed the light setup on that. Few issues I have are the light patterns aren't realistic to that of LAPD but I do know this is a LSPD pack based off LAPD so I'm fine with that. I did a simple edit to the .xml ELS files though for myself and anyone else that wants realistic patterns. I've included one of my edited .xml files here for people to copy. The ones you need to change is the Headlight ACORONAS pattern to 8 and the colour to white on some vehicles, the PRML Lstg3 pattern to 36 and the SECL Lstg3(maybe also Lstg2? ) pattern to 12 . Still testing around but that's what I've found works best. Cheers. policeold2.xml
  5. Think its more so if you have a phone stand you can use it as a siren and light control box like you would use in real life.
  6. Click Download and select the lspd sedans 1.3.txt file. Once you have downloaded that open it and there'll be a link provided to download the FPIS.
  7. Thankyou! This helped me. Actually did the exact same thing the author of this topic did by editing the vehiclelayouts file for the bearcat.
  8. Yep, the Charger does have a blank template set as one of the liverys. Just go to your vehicles.rpf and open the .ytd file of whatever car slot you put it in and scroll down till you find chr2_sign_2 I think its called and delete it or export it. Then it will always spawn with the LAPD livery.
  9. Thankyou! works perfectly now. Sorry for all the trouble
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