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  1. Live in western NC, been through those cities a few times, I've never seen a motorcycle cop driving through NC, SC, TN and VA. Again, there are motorcycle cops in those states, but I just want to base my game off what I've seen.
  2. Live in NC, never seen a motorcycle cop. I'm sure there a few in that state but I've never seen one and I base my game of local departments, and thus don't want motorcycle units.
  3. Some areas just don't have motorcycle cops. I like my units to reflect real local departments, and I've never seen a motorcycle cop (don't think state even uses them here).
  4. Would you consider adding a first responder style backup? Similar to the EMS mod it would be nice if we could call a first resonder (EMS SUV for example) and then call an ambulance. Also, do firefighters attempt CPR if called?
  5. Anyone know the coords needed to make this flatbed work? I tried the coords provided but they didn't work and I tried tweaking them but it only got worse
  6. Also curious if this is based on the backup.xml becuase I had a unit respond with a helmet even though I had disabled that through the xml
  7. Agreed, BejoIjo has made LSPDFR so much better, it's incredible!
  8. I've tried finding a solution, but haven't been able to. I've read that some of the siren hashes have changed. Is there any way to get custom sirens working with ELS?
  9. What's the best handling line for the ram, I tried the bison and pranger and neither work well.
  10. I mean removing plugins isn't complicated nor will it have a permanent affect so there's no reason not to try. If that's not the cause then you just copy them back.
  11. Could be the cause, try removing them and launching and see what happens. I've never had this issue, just offering some advice from a similar thread form a while ago.
  12. How many plugins are you using?
  13. I fixed it, forgot to add the lssd cars to carvariaionts, oops!
  14. I checked all my installs and didn't notice any issues. I'm going to try reinstall ELS and the corresponding XMLs.
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