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  1. Office Rob Baker

    Rage Plugin Hook Error

    I reinstalled GTA V to have a clean installation path lately but now I face some Problems with the RagePluginHook. If I want to start the game with RPH I get the following error message: Could not hook game process. Insufficient permissions or bad anti-virus. Please try again. If the problem persists, please restart your computer. I tried it with deactivated antivirus, with administrator privilegs and renamed the GTA Folder as mentioned in some youtube videos. But nothing helped yet. I think the problem could be, that it automatically downloaded GTA V to Hard Disc C:/ and I then moved it to E:/. I also copied the full GTA V folder of E:/ to an extern Hard Disc as a clean backup and copied it back to E:/ when it did not work. Could it be some problem with the registry ? I would be thankfull if someone could help me here. I do not want to download it again for 7+ hours :(
  2. Office Rob Baker

    Confused with OPEN IV Vehicle installation

    Thank you ! I will try this
  3. Office Rob Baker

    Confused with OPEN IV Vehicle installation

    Can someone pls help me ? I really do not understand. I managed to install one vehicle but another one keeps crashing the game... Why are there different patchdays ? What are those "Patchdays" ? Can I place mod vehicles in any patchday and it will appear ingame ? How do I know which is "my latest patchday" as it always says in readme ?
  4. Hello together ! I just try to install some vehicle mods from this side. I did it once, long time ago and it worked fine. Now I am very confused with this "pathdayxx" path. Because in the different patchday folders that are recommended in read me or tutorials, on my computer there are not the same vehicle files in it. This is confusing me, because I remember there had been one folder with ALL vehicles and now I have all this patchday folders with only a few vehicles ?? Where do I find Police, Police2, Police3, Police4 and sherriff ? I tried to find them but I could only find Police2 Can anybody help me ? :S Thank you ! Rob
  5. Office Rob Baker

    Problem with the Rage hook plugin

    Hello, I know this should be in Rage Hook Plugin Forum but unfortunately I do not only have a Problem with the Rage Hook Plugin itself, but also with the developers community. After registration it did not send me the anounced verification Email and I did not find any way to get it send to me one more time, login in, or contact the community admins... I also googled a lot to find a solution for the problem but could not find one that worked for me... So I try it here in my despair :/ I do not understand cause the gameversion is actually 1032 ???? What is causing this wrong error message maybe ??? I would be very thankfull for some help ! Rob
  6. How do I install this ??? No readme file... No description on this page... Is it still working with the latest LSPDFR ??
  7. Office Rob Baker

    rename vehicle files to replace another vanilla car ?

    Wow, very interesting and helpfull guide... It all makes sense now :) Thank you for the link !
  8. Hello together ! I have some questions about isntalling vehicles. I tried out many things the last day and learned a lot of modding GTA V. What I did not really find our, and its because it seems a bit confusing to me, is if u can just rename a mod-vehicle-fileyou downloaded so it will replace another vanilla vehicle. FOR EXAMPLE: I downloaded a mod that will replace police vehicle 2 so I have those four files: police2.yft police2.ytd police2_hi.yft police2+hi.ytd Can I now just rename them to: sheriff.yft sheriff.ytd sheriff_hi.yft sheriff+hi.ytd - would it work ? Also I am a bit confused by the different ways of installing vehicles. Some have included file like visualsettings.dat handling.meta vehicles.meta carvariations.met - what exactly are those files for ? - If I rename the yft and ytd file do I have to change those meta files too ? - Or will it not work to rename mod vehicles including such files ? Then I discovered that lot of mod-vehicles use different installation paths in the readme files like: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf mods\Update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday4ng\dlc\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles mods\x64e\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf - Is it important to put the mod-vehicle in exactly that folder ? - Or can I just put them all into one (correct) folder ? After I installed all of the mod-vehicles like in the readme files I experienced that only some of them replaced the vanilla vehicles being used in LSPDFR - Which folder do I have to use to replace the LSPDFR vanilla vehicles ? I would be very thankful for your help and I continue learning. Rob !
  9. Office Rob Baker

    Can I put ANY plugin into plugin/lspdfr folder ?

    ok thank you guys ! Question answered :)
  10. nvm. ! I found another tutorial video and finally it worked !
  11. Office Rob Baker

    Which mod vehicle is this ?

    @Hystery: you're cool mate ! @SuperStumpje @Hotwingers: Thank you two ! :)
  12. Office Rob Baker

    Added Cars

    I do not get any step further when it comes to the editing of the interior List. With ctrl+f search it cant find any of my vehicles ??
  13. Office Rob Baker

    Which mod vehicle is this ?

    I saw this Police car on youtube video but there was no link or something in the description so Id like to ask here if anyone can tell me which mod vehicle it is I would be thankfull ! :)
  14. with "compatible" I mean that the trainer can be used while playing LSPDFR and is not disturbing the mod !
  15. Hello ! Is there a trainer for GTA V Version 1.0.678.1 out yet which is compatible to RAGEPluginhook and LSPDFR ? All Trainers I tested yet did not work. Even the RAGE Trainer.dll got me an error relating to incompatibility :( Thank you ! Rob