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Confused with OPEN IV Vehicle installation

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Hello together !

I just try to install some vehicle mods from this side. I did it once, long time ago and it worked fine.
Now I am very confused with this "pathdayxx" path. Because in the different patchday folders that
are recommended in read me or tutorials, on my computer there are not the same vehicle files in it.

This is confusing me, because I remember there had been one folder with ALL vehicles and now I have
all this patchday folders with only a few vehicles ??

Where do I find Police, Police2, Police3, Police4 and sherriff ?

I tried to find them but I could only find Police2


Can anybody help me ? :S

Thank you !


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Can someone pls help me ?

I really do not understand.
I managed to install one vehicle but another one keeps crashing the game...


Why are there different patchdays ?

What are those "Patchdays"  ?

Can I place mod vehicles in any patchday and it will appear ingame ?
How do I know which is "my latest patchday" as it always says in readme ?


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Your latest 'patchday' folder will be the one with the highest number. E.g.  patchday17ng

But I would highly recommend using Albo's modding pack.


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