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  1. Pringles949

    Unknow crash

    Thank you, I've disabled the forced traffic feature because I noticed that the game crashed while there was an AI pursuit while the traffic was blocked. I will try also to install the mod that blocks the AI pursuits. Thank you for your answer
  2. Pringles949


    Great mod, but it seems that when I get the secure zone the game crashes, I don't now why, I'm trying to fix it but I can't find the reason. There was an AI chase running in my secure zone with traffic blocked, maybe that caused the crash. I hope to find a solution and I would appreciate if someone can help me because I really like sergeant mod. Thank you RagePluginHook.log
  3. Pringles949

    Unknow crash

    I hope this is the correct topic section I was in a middle of a call and I got a crash,I don't know where is the problem, maybe with sergeant mod? Thank you for all the help. RagePluginHook.log
  4. Pringles949

    "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working"

    I have the same problem too. I've got LSPDFR and RAGE at the last version and when I start RAGE the logo is on the bottom left and then The game crashes. If I try to start the game without RAGE it works fine, I've tried to do the cache repair and there aren't results. I'm on Windows 10
  5. Pringles949

    Cruiser/Static Lights

    Hello, I had an idea looking at some police cars. Is it possible to create a script that allow cars to have cruiser light? (All lights open in static mode)
  6. May you create a script that allow you to press a key and in game there are all lights open in static/cruise mode? It should be great
  7. Pringles949

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    Me too, I've tried to reinstall EUP, but the plugin still crashing
  8. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    Problem solved, It was an outdated version of update.rpf. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP
  9. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    It crashes
  10. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    An issue has been fixed, can you help me another time please? I have my rage log here, where could be the problem? RagePluginHook.log
  11. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    Ahhh, I have created another folder in another disk, so there is not inside common, I will put the mod folder inside common
  12. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    It says me: Launching game via steam and the it stars the other folder gta 5
  13. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

  14. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    It's not a crash, when I launch it gta works, but in game there is not the rage plugin
  15. Pringles949

    Rage Plugin Hook doesn't work

    Now I have updated eeverything, but this is the log of 10 june