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  1. Do you use shift to sprint or did you change it to something else?
  2. This would be great. It doesn't bother me much making multiple patrol points only because after watching Albo tutorial I know how to make patrol points without being confused lol
  3. Thanks much appreciated!l didn't think I would get a response this late
  4. Great script. Just got home and started using right away. Question? I'm pretty sure I overlooked it but is there a way to add multiple cars to in the same jurisdiction without creating a new jurisdiction or do I use the vehicle extra ID's? I'm currently playing as the gang unit in the neighborhood Davis and I have 3cars patrolling in that neighborhood but i made 3 different jurisdictions. Any advice?
  5. I'm trying to use the gang unit uniform and it's not working at all
  6. Damn that sucks. I would be piss, I hope you get everything running soon and when you do, make that back up! I'm glad it's working now
  7. It's always good to have a back up copy of gta v that's vanilla(no plugins/no mods), if you have the space. When gta v updated I reverted back to 617 and kept playing! Today I went ahead and upgrade back to the new version and updated ragehook and it crashed everything. So I deleted the entire gta v folder and went to my back up copy and everything works perfect
  8. Have you tried to lower your graphic settings! My game did this at one point, everything was on "very high" and once I changed it to high, the lag haven't came back. What kind of graphics card you have?
  9. You probably won't like the sound of this but reinstall everything and start lspdfr with no plugins or mods! Then you start adding your plugins one by one.
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