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  1. Please send me a DM and I will give you a modified version that I'm testing with other people experiencing the same issue. Thanks!
  2. Can you guys please send me a PM and I will send you a fix before I push a public update. haha just following the show!
  3. Could you please screenshot me the rage console when you encounter this bug and I will take a look into it. Send the screenshots via private message. Thanks!
  4. Hello guys, thanks for posting comments and not a review. I have fixed the issue and an update will be released shortly. Thanks for your patience!
  5. Another person had the same issue and setting it to false in the ini seemed to work for them. I'm going to fix this ASAP, my bad.
  6. I don’t take criticism very well. Although, I take constructive criticism very well.
  7. It seems many people are having issues with spawning the callouts. I'm working on a fix for this. At the moment, it seems you need to be 1km from the callout location to be able to spawn it. Try being 1km from the callout location, then it should spawn in. Thanks for helping others. I've added your video to the page! I know the suspect wears a police uniform, it's just LSPDFR refuses to let a police ped shoot the player. I'm working on a workaround. I'm investigating it. Thanks!
  8. You must be near the downtown police station to be able to spawn that callout.
  9. You need to be in the area in which the callout spawns. Check the callouts section of this page. Or else you can simply use Callout Manager to spawn it manually.
  10. I couldn’t agree more, there are so many things I could re-create. Atm, I’m sticking to the bigger moments of the show.
  11. Version


    "Copy that 19-2" Overview Proudly built by a computer science student in Montreal, Station 19 Callouts aims to be the most realistic depiction of a police drama in GTA V. Before playing this callout pack, I recommend watching a couple episodes of the TV series 19-2, I'm sure you'll be hooked! I've designed this callout to be customizable to the player's liking through the use of an INI file. That being said, I cannot stress enough how the callout pack is more realistic with the custom dispatch audio enabled. If you're a YouTuber and prefer to disable that, there's a setting for that. Callouts "Vandalism at Viger High School" (S02E01): A student smashes the computer system in his school's main office. Vandalism? Sure. (Spawns near ULSA) "Suspicious Armored Car" (S03E06): An armored car company out of New Brunswick decides to go pickup some cash a long way from home. Apparently, cops in New Brunswick and Montreal don't look the same... Be sure to keep your chill (or not). (Spawns near Union Depository in downtown LS) "Active Shooter in Station 19" (S04E04): Rejected into the academy, the suspect walts into Station 19 seeking revenge. Play as an officer responding to the scene or a sergeant coordinating a box search. (Spawns near downtown station) Integrations BetterEMS (by PNWParksFan) LSPDFR+ (by Albo1125) Computer+ (by PieRGud) Stop The Ped (by BejoIjo) Planned Features NativeRageUI integration "Officer Down" (S02E04) callout French translation? "Active Shooter in Station 19": adding more scenarios from other units Known Bugs If your computer language isn't set to English, the callouts will probably crash. This is a stupid bug, I know. DM me for a beta version that fixes this issue. Support This is my first LSPDFR plugin and I'm really open to improvement and constructive feedback. If you require support, please do not leave a review but rather a comment. You can also send me a message with your Rage log and I will be more than happy to help you. Credits GabLeGamer for testing my plugin in its early stages PeterU for open-sourcing his plugin updater class The TV series 19-2 that inspired me to write this plugin in the first place Extras Videos
  12. It’s amazing! I might even be coming out with a 19-2 callout pack soon... Be on the lookout!
  13. Yes, it is my own. If you download and install, you will see the video is different from yours.
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