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  1. Actually, I gave it a go and for me it works fine. Although occasionally, both XScanner and MRC play a sound at the same time but it's nothing significant.
  2. Is this mod compatible with XScanner?
  3. Okay, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. Next time I'll get rid of Keep Calm however, I can't give up XScanner it's just so damn good lol.
  4. Hi everyone, so I'm having an issue with FPS while playing LSPDFR. Pretty much all of a sudden when I go on duty the FPS drops quite a bit, especially when I'm in the city. My PC isn't the best but it got bad only recently when I installed a few more plugins at once. It gets bad only after I go on duty so my guess is that the cause of this is only because of some plugin(s). My question is, is there any popular plugin that is known to be very CPU heavy? I will post an image with my current \Plugins\LSPDFR folder. Thank you all for helping.
  5. Ah I see, I was trying to see if it worked by calling in a helicopter so that's why I thought it wasn't working, my bad. Also I noticed that even though I'm using the normal pitch version some lines (specifically names of locations) are still heard as the altered pitch. Why is that? It could be that I messed something up during installation but I only installed the normal pitch version.
  6. Hey, I saw that you said this mod is now discontinued but I was wondering if you could add support for UltimateBackup? If not, is it possible for us to do it ourselves by using the files that are already present in the mod? Thanks.
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