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    Stunning, beautiful, and amazing! Your attention to detail is on another level. Thank you!
  1. I installed these skins and now when I go on duty the textures all go blurred and it says i have a ini file error now? Then I start having gaps in textures in game
  2. I am still on the same (RPH 34) (LSPDFR 0.3) (Game Version 573) and I have not had any crashes or anything for over a week. I will wait till everything gets smoothed out I still can use Steam online I just disabled auto-install of DLC works perfect! ;)
  3. I am all for anything that ups the simulation factor.
    Thank for your hard work on this model..I enjoy every patrol.
    There are sooo many out there but, this one has become my favorite police1 cruiser along with a skin combined to make this my favorite model....handling and looks. Thanks for uploading.
  4. McAfee is brutal on memory and randomly eating up cpu and ram and it really is not that great of a program. Microsoft anti-virus is actually really good and if you don not like that one AVG is tops.
    This unit is astonishing..the level of detail and over all quality is spot on! Thanks for this one!
    Giving it 5 stars even though I cannot use it for some reason on the tahoe the texture and light does not change....I clicked a dragged and in the ytd file they are all different but in game the stock textures are still showing along with the lights. Sucks because I love this texture. It has done this with all the tahoe mods for some reason. All the other cars work great.
  5. Yeah I have been ran over by my fellow LEOs more than anyone lol it is almost like they do not recognize my car at all.
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