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  1. Hey everybody ! How to make this please ? Thank you for your help ;)
  2. Yes, i know :/ For tchat bug , please download Alarm.waw and place this in GTA V/LSPDFR/Police Scanner/LawCallouts/ Alarm.wav
  3. Trinyx

    Notification Pictures ?

    Thank you ! ;)
  4. Trinyx

    Notification Pictures ?

    Hello everybody ! I have a question today, where find the pictures for a Game.DisplayNotification() ? Thank for your help ! :)
  5. This is my ambiant event, please desactive my ambiant event in the LawCallouts.ini (AmbiantEvent = False)
  6. It is not my script that does that, it is a mistake to LSPD:FR ! :/ The spawns are random, but for the "Possible Home Invasion" other homes will be added later;)
  7. Because you're not in the whitelist, so script functions are not loaded .. My script has no class with the name "OfficerHelp" :/ Your game crash because the script "MoreCallouts" is not updated for LSPDFR 0.3! ;)