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  1. Ok. Reminder, the new version is working properly. But, only if i do arrest, and after!!! call 2 or 3 code, it presents me with this problem. And unfortunately it ask watch from STP it displays but does not work, and without it Police Partner. If I do not arrest!! and after!!! call 2 or 3 code, they all work normally.
  2. I used too often, almost always ... it Police Partner. When I stop any ped, for verification and i make a 2 or 3 code call. Her friend policeman identifies my partner as a threat. But do not i have a problem, I'm pushing it : ask watch from StopThePed and he works fine! But when I capture the suspect and then call code 2 or 3, the police friend does not spot it ped and ask watch from STP not working... In the version I do not have such a problem. I do not know English and I'm writing through translate from google. I hope you understand me. Always be well
  3. Excellent work as ever !!! congratulations again!! On my computer versions and for some reason, the suspects I only arrest, my fellow police officer is beside me but he does not spot the suspects I've captured only. For now I'm using that works perfectly.
  4. It is simple. Do not ever use Caps Lock when the player moves or does anything else. Besides, if you are inside the vehicle. Then there is no problem. Only when your player is immobile you do not manage the walking setting. Let us first remember to release the Caps Lock and then to do whatever it takes.
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