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    Trinyx reacted to TanMan1611 in Corrections Facility Callouts   
    Hello all you modders. May I request a Corrections Facillity Callout pack to go with Anarchyx3's Prison Entrance Mod?
    Callouts I'd like to see
    -Fight Between Prisoners
    -Corrections Officer Requesting Assistace
    -Transport to Solitary Confinment
    -Prisoner Has Contraband
    -Prisoner Intake
    All the callouts must take place inside the state pen.
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    Trinyx reacted to haveme1 in Graffiti Callout   
    To all of the talented programmers and coders out there, can you create a call out for a person doing graffiti in-progress? I think that would be pretty cool.
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    Trinyx reacted to PNWParksFan in The plugin "LSPD First Response" (LSPD First Response.dll) has crashed.   
    You should change activated to false it sounds like. 
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    Trinyx reacted to AlconH in [CALLING ALL DEVS] Standardisation of API Plugin Colors   
    Okay, so following onto my previous thread, I, along with the other devs on LSPDFR are going to create a standardised list of colors for use on blips and routes in LSPDFR API development.

    Devs, if you have a scenario that isn't covered by the list, please post below and I'll add it in. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please also post.
    Blips sizing should be as follows:
    Vehicles: 1.0 Peds: 0.75 PEDS + VEHICLE BLIPS

    Primary search areas (prior to accepting a callout) (Drawing.Color.Yellow)
    All routes should be Yellow (Drawing.Color.Yellow)
    Ensure that all blips are the same colour as they are when highlighted in any on screen text. For example, suspects are red, and should be highlighted in text as red too. Minimal colour should be used within on-screen text. Color should only be used to highlight key information or to highlight the colour of a particular person or object on the map. Examples: Exactly the same should apply to subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Use color to only highlight the key information. As plugins get updated to follow the above, we'll have a much more immersive plugin system that doesn't have strangely mismatched colours. 
    @fiskey111, @Albo1125, @Straysify, @Stealth22, @alexguirre, @goigle, @Trinyx, @Darkmyre, @TitanSloth, @Patrinus, @w35, @DemNinjas, @LukeD, @Nutt, @Livia, @Luigi4518, @TheUniT, @Athsro
    @FinKone, @DCP1293
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    Trinyx reacted to Stealth22 in How to use Ped.Tasks.PlayAnimation ?   
    There's a list of anims in the RPH documentation. 
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    Trinyx got a reaction from alexguirre in How to create alarm in my callout (Loop Sound)   
    Thank you for you help Alex ! =)
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    Trinyx reacted to alexguirre in How to create alarm in my callout (Loop Sound)   
    In the SoundPlayer change Play() to PlayLooping() and when you need to finish it use Stop(). I haven't tested it but it should work.
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    Trinyx reacted to download500 in How to spawn a vehicle on the low side of the road.   
    So there is probably a better solution but I usually have the suspect cruisewithvehicle for a few seconds so I know he's facing the proper direction and then abruptly stop him so he's frozen while facing traffic and then I move him with vector 3 relativeright about 3f over which will always put him on the side of whatever road he's on.
    Then I spawn a cop and put the cop car as
    Copcar.position.rotation = suspectcar.position.rotation
    Then make the copcar relative back to the suspect car  by about 3f.