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  1. Awesomeo16

    Old School LAPD Detectives

    Fantastic for retro patrols and goes great with Lundy's vehicles. Reminds me of LA Noire 10/10
    Since EUP came out I've been eagerly awaiting real life departments to be put in. Sure the LAPD vics and explorers helped make it realistic, but this really completes the experience
  2. Awesomeo16

    Los Angeles Police Department EUP Pack

    Sounds like a great idea
  3. Awesomeo16

    Los Angeles Police Department EUP Pack

    Hmm, maybe you could do it like the original EUP law and order? Where the lspdfr install downloads a txt file with links to media fire (or some other site). If not, I guess I'll go back to drag and dropping all of these in because I've been waiting for someone to finally put real agencies into EUP since it released
  4. Awesomeo16

    Los Angeles Police Department EUP Pack

    Is there a chance you could create a mega pack with all of the California/real life agencies that you are making and include an OIV package for an easy install instead of having to go through a slow drag and drop process like it is now?
  5. Awesomeo16

    EUP Menu

    There it is. Have been looking forward to this update for ages, fantastic update. Can't wait for the 'Serve and Rescue' to be approved!
  6. Install it anywhere, it's a separate program to GTA and lspdfr.
  7. Awesomeo16

    Citations+ (Add-on for LSPDFR+ & Computer+)

    It adds new charges and citations. It also adjusts the fines and points lost to California law
  8. Awesomeo16

    2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    You probably need to get a mod like Make Visuals Great Again or any other mod that changes the carcols file. This should make lights be quite bright and shine off of surfaces etc.
  9. Awesomeo16

    2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    Did you put the VCFs in? If not find them in the CHP download, and put them inside the pack default folder. This is located inside the ELS folder in the GTA 5 directory
  10. Awesomeo16

    [WIP/REL] LPCallouts

    Wouldn't this be called Hit and Run?
  11. Awesomeo16

    EUP: California Project

    And there are some mods that fix the street names. Most notably RSR_Commander's Real Location Names mod or Desmond 98's sign replacement mod
  12. "Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?"
  13. Awesomeo16

    California EUP Uniforms?

    It's currently a WIP
  14. Fantastic siren. Now all I need is a Fed Sig UI for siren mastery and my immersion will be complete.