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  1. Delco24


    Works great - no FPS issues in version 1.0.6795.427. Scanner audio is much more immersive than the stock LSPDFR audio.
  2. What happened to the old captchas where you had to click on some images to prove you were a human? The new captcha system is awful (see attached). Honestly, why are there even captchas on the download page for registered users?
  3. Delco24


    Here's the full error message:
  4. Great plugin! Any chance of integrating with PNWParksFan's Custom Backup to pull the backup unit vehicles/peds? It has a lot more customization options than LSPDFR's default backup config.
  5. Agree completely. There is no way a legal document would've gone out with such poor grammar. Even if it was translated from English into Russian, it would've gone through a competent legal translator and not just Google translate. I hope they post the full letter. It also doesn't make sense - OpenIV has been around for a long time now. It's not like TakeTwo or R* suddenly found out OpenIV existed last week.
  6. Delco24

    Persistent Weapon Flashlight

    Yep, using 1032. Unfortunately, it doesn't emit any light at all with the plugin running.
  7. Delco24

    Persistent Weapon Flashlight

    Same here, flashlight weapon just clicks repeatedly.
  8. Periodically getting a crash when searching for a ped or vehicle using with the hotfix. This tends to completely crash GTA. RagePluginHook.log
  9. Delco24

    Crazy Callouts!

    The DLL file in 0.5.8 and are the same.
  10. Delco24

    Free My Controller

    Added. Sorry, took a bit longer than I intended to upload it.
  11. Delco24

    Free My Controller

    Sure, I will upload it soon.
  12. Delco24

    Free My Controller

    Done - the Select button is now unbound and free for use.
  13. Delco24

    Free My Controller

    Sure, I will post it later tonight or tomorrow.
  14. Version 1.2


    Modified standard.meta file that unbinds several actions from the controller to free up buttons for use with various LSPDFR plugins. There are three variations of this file depending on how many actions you want to remove. LSPDFR Version This removes as many controller bindings as possible when driving a vehicle. Actions Removed Phone Horn Change Weapon in Vehicle Vehicle Aim Radio Wheel Headlights Character Wheel Cinema Cam Duck Change Camera Free Buttons DPad Up, Down, Left, Right Left Stick Press Left Bumper A, B, X Select Phone/Horn Only This variation only removes the phone and horn bindings. Actions Removed Phone Horn Free Buttons DPad Up Left Stick Press Phone Only This variation unbinds the phone only. Actions Removed Phone Free Buttons DPad Up Phone/Radio Only This variation only removes the phone and radio wheel bindings. Actions Removed Phone Radio Wheel Free Buttons DPad Up DPad Left Please make sure you download and install only the variation you need. Installation Instructions BACKUP THE ORIGINAL FILES Simply replace the files in Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update.rpf\common\data\control with the files included in the variation you downloaded.
  15. Delco24

    Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    This removed the tail light flash so I put the sequence back into carcols.ymt. This mostly fixed it, but some cars like BxBugs123's Charger still doesn't have working tail light flashes. Any ideas? Otherwise, this looks really good.