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  1. Dewar90

    [ELS] LSPD Pack

    @t0yWould you be looking at creating this as a addon pack?
  2. @thegreathah Would you be looking at creating this as a addon pack?
  3. Does anyone know if there are an LSPD & LSSD Skin pack for thehurk's vehicles. Loving the models and want to implement them throughout my game.
    Brilliant Work. Loving this pack. Much appreciated. Also thank you for the package installer as I'm too lazy to put everything in manually :)
  4. I've just installed this pack also and having the same read light issue. I'm using the addon pack. Wonder what it is? Loving the pack all the same. If anyone has any ideas to fix would appreciate it
  5. Hi all. Was wondering if anyone can help. I would like to reduce the brightness of the red lights at the back when they are on at night. They are very bright when driving. It is also the same for the front. I have attached a image. Many thanks
  6. Does every <liveries> section need to be as you stated as each one is slightly different. Many thanks
  7. Hi all Just wondering what do i need to change to stop the fbi vehicles changing colour every time they spawn in. Just would like to change them to black.
  8. Hi Slendis Sorry for late reply, i will give this a shot. Many thanks
  9. Hi all, I am having a issue with LSPDFR crashing when force duty (How I start normally) and also if i go to a police station and go on duty there. I am not sure what the issue is so i have attached the RPH.log also a screenshot of my GTA V Directory, Scripts Folder & Plugins Folder. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks RagePluginHook.log
  10. Hi all. Need some help in reducing the brightness of the emergency lights at night for Radience V. There a little too bright at night when sirens going. I am using the bright visualsetting.dat. Many thanks Dewar90
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