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    Oh wow this is so good! It has the perfect amount of lighting IMO and the flash pattern is also good using ELS. Working take down. Nicely done, mate! A few ideas if you are looking to further improve this vehicle: - The ELS file shipped with the car don't seem to work well (stage 3 flash pattern looks a bit weird). This of course is no biggie and it's easy to edit the VCF file but I figure it's probably better user experience if you include a working VCF to begin with. I changed to primary pattern 14 and warning pattern 9 which I like. This is ultimately personal preference but just for your reference. - Looks like the secondary light slots in ELS are not being used. One idea that I like is to make the taillight flashers secondaries so they can use a different pattern (or be disabled should one desires.) - No need to go crazy in there but some police equipments like console and radio will be nice.
    This is the most accurate PSP livery out there for the FPIS. Job well done :)
    The vehicle itself is of good quality, but why display your logo on the dash? Additionally, to prevent most of your users from editing the texture you go out of the way embedding that single texture in the .yft file (so it cannot be edited using Open IV). That renders this vehicle unusable to me until I managed to remove it. I'm all for credits and stuff, but this, I mean, seriously?
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