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  1. victoriousV11

    Ultimate Backup (All In One Backup)

    Can i use the custombackup XML with this mode or does this mod have a different xml structure?
  2. victoriousV11

    [Replacement] Icon Pack

    hey maybe you could make these lore photos and compatible to use with this mod? https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/decal5 like no LSPDFR text and they have to be original PNG format decal5 basically, allows you to place any photo in the game and it will save it positon and whatnot
  3. victoriousV11


    you cant actually spawn eup character can you
  4. victoriousV11

    Modding DLC Pack V

    Hey does this work with carcols Addon/replacements??
  5. victoriousV11


    hey so I think when you exported the YTF u missed out the main LOD as whenever I spawn it sometimes it spawns in LOD 0 LOD 1 which makes the rear dash lights disappear any chance you can fix this i love using this alongside canes caprice as well.
  6. hey, do button binds work with these?? or is it only keybinds?? if only keybinds maybe could you code these to be called with button binds aswell kinda similar to your Policesmartradio mod none the less great mod. Transportkey=D9 TransportModifierKey=None JailRouteKey=D0 JailRouteModifierKey=None ReleaseKey=D8 ReleaseModifierKey=None SceneManagementKey=H // You can set this to 'None' to disable it. SceneManagementModifierKey=LControlKey GrabPedKey=G GrabPedModifierKey=LControlKey
  7. hey any possibility to make these random calls that appear when patrolling?
  8. victoriousV11

    Change phone to start button

    hey @mikeday77 it appears this conflicts with ELS as in when you remove the B binding to punch it removes the Siren change binding for ELS any way to fix this?? i love this mod and would hate to only use the Phone function maybe set it to remove only a keybind when out of a vehicle??
  9. victoriousV11

    Los Angeles based LSPD Liveries [4k & 2k]

    Also the plates are messed up on the CVPI the Texture used by Cyson http://csyon.com/downloads.html is different @Beren
  10. victoriousV11

    Los Angeles based LSPD Liveries [4k & 2k]

    any chance adding K-9 and bomb detection liveries for the CVPI'S
  11. victoriousV11

    2016 FPIU Legend

    any chance you could add the spotlights on boths side like your previous model the 14 charger/15 Taurus??? these look great all we need now is a CVPI nice work great skin aswell here's a link to the Taurus he's already made: And regarding my above comment does this CVPI have a similar ELS system: have a similar ELS system
  12. victoriousV11

    LSSD Pack [ELS]

    any chance you can update this pack with broken windows and Tahoe passenger spotlight?
  13. victoriousV11


    aite so hears my Rage Plugin Paste log my game keeps crashing when I press F11 and I know my EditorKey method is the insert button but for some reason, the plugin doesn't recognize this and still uses F11, everything on my game is updated and it only happens after opening the menu the 3rd/ 4th time etc etc. This has happened in twice now PM if you want me to do anything else or test it out a few times more to generate other crash logs.
  14. victoriousV11

    Easy Loadout

    Is there any chance you can code something which allows you to Set either Class 1/2/3 as a default class that automatically spawns/loads when you go on duty with LSPDFR similar to 'On duty loadouts' plugin (which spawns a set loadout automatically) rather than fathing around with menus. something like default class=1/2/3 or default class=none/0 Update I see you have no read this and implemented it i'm editing your INI as we speak and it's pending Patrol duty with this, I've used ODloadouts for a long time now and it looks like you've just changed that. also, i do have some other suggestion if your willing to hear let me know @sr7066 yes il review once ive used it and can point out the Pros and if any cons aswell. thanks for listening and your hard work lkeep it up
  15. victoriousV11

    Emergency Lighting System

    any reason why the ai's in my game will never change there siren tone when they first turn it on like if they star with yelp it will stay yelp for the whole pursuit or if its wail it will stay wail etc etc... till they switch it off