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  1. You may have covered this already but I was wondering in the most recent version if there is a way to edit in the INI file the vehicle / officers that you back up for the "Traffic Stop Backup" call. It may be unique to me but no matter where I accept this callout the officer is driving the "police4" vehicle and is a sheriff's deputy even in the city.
    Great skin pack! It doesn't look bad as is, but I replaced the badge on the front of the shirts with the standard in game badge, just replaced the "Los Santos" text with "Raccoon", thought it looked better that way in my opinion. It inspired me to release a few RPD vehicle skins, keep up the good work.
  2. Version 1.0


    Included are three Raccoon City Police Department skins (LAPD style) including a supervisor's vehicle for the Ford CVPI, three skins for the Chevy Impala, and one for the Maverick air unit. I included two template versions of the CVPI to match the more common template as well as BXBugs new template for his more recent releases. Thanks to BXBugs, Kinksta, and Yard1 for their models and templates. Feel free to edit them as you see fit. Below are links to some of the applicable vehicles as well as Jill Valentine's excellent RPD officer skin pack.
  3. Dredd

    Changing Light bar Color

    Yeah, like that. The lightbar glass color like in your original picture should have its own texture file that will look similar to the lightbar in shape and color. Changing that should alter the glass for when the lights aren't activated. As far as the red you are seeing it may be the in game corona effect from the lights. I am not sure how to correct that but I believe the carvariations file may have something to do with it. Hopefully someone with a little more car modding experience can help further. I used the Ford Police Utility Interceptor with the same lightbar you have pictured. When I replaced the default texture in the .ytd file using OpenIV it changed the lights so that they were all red and blue instead of the default yellow on the rear of the lightbar. As far as adding more lights that is a vehicle model issue and I don't have any experience in creating car models. Good luck!
  4. Dredd

    Spike Strips V

    Great for pursuits. I like that you can change the spike strip size and the controller compatibility. The only issue I find is that some times the strips stay floating in the air until a vehicle or other object hits them. Good work
  5. Dredd

    Code 3 Callouts

    Good callout pack, adds a good amount of variety to calls. I especially enjoy that you focused heavily on investigation rather than running and gunning. The new domestic callout has a decent variety of responses based upon the type of domestic and the warrant checks. The only minor issue I've noticed is the occasional LSPDFR plugin crash when ambient events are enabled, but it isn't a major problem and doesn't crash when they are disabled.
  6. Dredd

    Crazy Callouts!

    Good ideas for callouts, its nice to have a break from mostly vehicle pursuit related calls and get to have some gunplay. It may just be me but most of the spawned callout locations are extremely close to my location so that when I accept the callout it throws me directly into a firefight. Needs a little bit of polish, but overall well done.
    Great callout, very stable in my experience. I personally like the traffic stop backup callouts followed by the bank heist. It would be nice to have additional banks or other interior accessible buildings for heist/robbery in progress calls as a way to add the replay value. Well done.
  7. Dredd

    Changing Light bar Color

    Check the texture file should be police.ytd or whichever vehicle you replaced/added followed by .ytd. If you open the .ytd file using openIV you should be able to export the texture for the lightbar, modify it using GIMP or some other texture editing program then replace it using OpenIV's edit mode. You should be able to find a good tutorial online that goes into more detail. Also you will probably need to change the actual light emissive texture too, which should be in the same file. Look for a random looking texture of red and blue shapes that kind of match what the light pattern is, usually red and blue squares on a black or clear background. I attached an example of the emissive texture file for one of my vehicles.
  8. Dredd

    LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update

    Thanks Sam. As always your work is appreciated. Looking forward to the release.
  9. Dredd

    LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update

    Thanks for the update. This may have been covered but have you been able to crack getting ambient AI involved in calls?
  10. Dredd

    LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update

    Can't we all just get along
  11. Dredd

    Gta 5 Police Crown Vic Default Lightbars

    I am also having the same problem with the two inner lights not working on the LED lightbar. I replaced the POLICE models. All other lights including the ROTA version work fine for me. EDIT: If it helps narrow down the problem I also noticed that the LED lightbar doesn't appear to have the lens flare/corona effect that the other lights have (more noticeable at night) with the exception of the front middle left (red) and middle right (blue) lights. The rear of the lightbar doesn't have any lens flare/corona effect and the other front lights don't appear to have it either.