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  1. Hi, Mozilla has been acting up with me as well. I have full paid antivirus, I downloaded multiple files from here using another browser and found no virus. I think Mozilla is getting stricter or something. It is safe to use. There has been a security breach with Flash, thus now is not safe. Make sure you update your Flash manually again. It's been on the news around the Internet.
  2. After the installation of the new rolled out 1.0d, the problem has been fixed. Thanks for the help
  3. Yes, I have done the install process two times. It is also a vanilla GTA IV. Here is the screenshot you wanted.
  4. Hi there, long time haven't been in the forums, happy holidays! Well, I reinstalled everything because I bought an SSD, got everything back to perfect and decided to reinstall the copy of the game. Well, after taking the time to install the packages and all that. It's running and no problem until this. When I pull over anybody and get out of my patrol car to their window, it ask what is the reason for them to be pulled over, i can't select nothing. Neither using the DPAD of my controller or even using the ARROWS on the keyboard. It switches between weapons but do not select the action on the menu thus I can't play it. I reinstalled LCPFR 1.0c and still does not work. I have been looking and can't find someone with this error. Any suggestions? [uPDATE] I found out I can't use any LCPFR buttons, game is running, AI is arresting fugitives, but I can't order a single command. Pointing out someone and hitting the action button, either E or LB won't work. It's like just ignoring or not detecting my inputs. The game is working perfect, no crashes, LCPDFR Diagnostic tool finds no error.
  5. Hi guys, I'm back making videos :-) I am using my country textures that I've created. Vehicles are not made by me, have fun! Hope you like! Comments are welcome, I do not talk on the video. I've used Need for Speed music for the chases only.
  6. The latest version improved the AI a lot, but if you are on their way you better move out because they'll will splash you like a rat if you are on their way hahaha. I hate it but hey, this game was not meant to be a cop game so, I am grateful with all the developers here that made this game x100 better. :-)
  7. Please do not listen to the guy stating that Windows 8 is the problem. If you do not feel comfortable opening the case and doing so, at least, try booting into the BIOS Screen, and see how many memory sticks it reads, and if it reads 4GB and only one, then probably one stick needs to be re-inserted. If you are still under warranty, just take it to them and explain them the issue. If you are not warranted, it is actually easy to do that. Just make sure you disconnect the power cable, then press the Power On button to remove any charge inside the board, and ground yourself, just touch the chassis before touching the memory rams. If you still can't do it, try some youtube videos, if not, then have a professional do it.
  8. If you have Windows 8, then you'll have to follow a topic that helps you on how to run it without problems. Don't use Bitdefender Free antivirus because GTA won't open at all. I had been trying for a day finding an alternative, but there is no single way to add an exception on the free version. Hope it helps, if not, at least worth the shot. When you install the game, and lcpdfr. Don't forget to make the LaunchGTA run with administrative privileges ;-)
  9. The only thing that work properly is the honk so that they move, but the auto siren with els v7 does not work right, it sounds like it's automatically pressing the Y button lots of time. But I got what I wanted! Thanks
  10. Thank you!! I owe you!!! lol, I paid you with the green arrow button. I was trying so hard to find it.
  11. If you watch this video: You'll see what I'm referring, when you have your siren, traffic may jam, but when the guy honks, the car in front of you will move regardless of your lights so that you can pass. That's what I am looking for.
  12. Hi, I found a script that allows you to honk and cars in front of you will move, but can't find it. I've noticed that on the EMS mod videos they have it. Where can I download such script ?
  13. Hi there, You are stating that it starts recording automatically if I understood correct. You should change your F8 recording button to something like I did [Pause Break] key. Hitting F8 is done in LCPD:FR very often and I think that should be your issue.
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