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    If you like an accurate CHP CVPI you should put this into your game ! Great Mod. Super CVPI Sentinel ;)
  1. You can even see it in your Video, by siderunners I mean the white round dots to the left and right of the arjent. I don't know if I pronounce it right... At 0:48: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUVG3VDmB_I
  2. The Arjent light stages are great on that model, but I thought the Arjent's got white siderunners on LAPD
  3. that thing looks incredible ! Can't wait for it
  4. please please please tell us which other LAPD model is coming :')
  5. Please release the version with the white rotators !
  6. Okay for the initial release it's not necessery in my opinion. The main thing is that we finally have an nice LASD Suburban ! Can't wait for it
  7. That Suburban is looking soooo great ! One fast question: Does the Arjent have steady-burns?
  8. Im Vergleich zu anderen Fahrzeugen nicht, vielleicht eine Geschmackssache. Also zumindest die Wig-Wag Headlights könnten meiner Ansicht nach ein bisschen heller sein.
  9. Mir hat das richtige Wort gefehlt, danke :D genau das meine ich.
  10. That's cool, keep up the good work ! Anbei: Werden die Lichter der Lightbar im nächsten Update "größer" ? Ich meine da was auf gta5-mods gelesen zu haben bzgl. Radiance
  11. Hey, saw that screen of the 2005 LACS CVPI (I think) in the Gallery. One fast question, are there any updates on the car, because it looked quite finished on the screen
    Great car, I love this charger. The lightning setup is accurate and the skins are Great. Danke Scuderio, gerne mehr
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