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    Amazing work for your second release. Keep it up brother!
    Amazing work as always, happy to be a tester for you Jed
  1. Minor thing, but the 13' Silverado and the 13' Tahoe are missing from '' This pack contains: "
  2. Although I rated 5 stars, I found a bug but I am not sure if it is in the pack or in my game. Not all my back-up units have their lightbars on, but the rest of the lightning is working fine.
    My game would crash instantly, this is too hot...
    Amazing vehicles! Glad I could help with beta-testing.
  3. So, recently i've decided that wanted to play LSPDFR again and I downloaded the most recent version of Ragepluginhook and proceeded the standard instructions. But when I wanted to launch my LSPDFR I came across this error: I've searched around the whole internet but I couldn't find a answer. And know I dont know what to do, so someone pls help :( ( Btw this is my first post, and English isn't my first language )
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