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  1. @Gump , I love your vehicles! I have one issue I am trying to fix. With your vehicles this pack specifically at the moment, I am running Pasco County textures by PBSO guy. Your vehicles come with a distorted black/red texture until I get within about 5-10ft of them before it returns to the white Pasco texture. It does not happen with other vehicles using these textures, please help so we can keep them in service!!! Thanks!
  2. ricearoni


    The mod works just fine but i have a lot of trouble moving my mouse through the filters to the LSPDFR filter. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?
  3. ricearoni

    Weird Audio issue

    So today before launching the game I updated some callout plugins and added the hold my gun mod. No other changes made to game. When I play lspdfr the GTA game sound (everything other than sounds associated with mods ie: ELS buttons, LSPDFR police radio sounds) just cuts off randomly, it can happen in 5 minutes or in an hour. Any ideas??
  4. ricearoni

    Patrolling the busy renovated Sandy Shores!

    Sandy Shores has finally received much needed renovations, many visiotrs have been coming up from Los Santos making the BCSO pretty busy!
  5. I am trying to download latest Albo common and none of his mods are in downloads section, when I search manually and click on them it says the file is under manual consideration or someting and i cant acess? any ideas?
  6. ricearoni

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    The only things I had before installing was LSPDFR w/ lspdfr plugins, and a visuals mod. also I used mods folder to install. The only othr thing i had was 2 police cars which i deleted prior to install, but used same mod folder if that matters?
  7. ricearoni

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    GTA V keeps crashing while loading into game (it says game error. please reboot and restart the game). I tried both of the gameconfig files that were included as alternatives, what else can I do?!?
  8. ricearoni

    Blaine County Sheriff Skins

    only thing this pack lacks is BX charger and an FPIU, really nice textures!!!
  9. ricearoni

    BCSO Outer Vest Deputies

    they spawn in game fine but never with vest? tried force spawning it through backup.xml as well and also did "randomized props" they never have vest on, it is showing up installed in open iv ydd file. please help!, oh also vest works in game if put on by trainer
  10. ricearoni

    LSSD Urban Deputies

    Great work! I am trying to use in the marine ped slot which only allows for them to spawn in with one default upper body texture, what texture do I replace to make it so they always spawn in vest?
  11. ricearoni

    New interesting backup prob

    Hey gang, So Today before plasying lspdfr i used open iv to install one new vehicle thats all i did did not touch any LSPDFR files or plugins. When I call for back up i hear them respondind but they never come to me, then I went and found them stopped in the middle of the road with lights and sirens trying to drive bu their wheels were glitching, anyone have this problem??? hopefully a solution??? Thanks!
  12. ricearoni

    [WIP] L.S. Noir

    Never thought this would ever happen, or be possible.. I salute you for your work and taking us into a whole new territory of lspdfr!
  13. ricearoni

    Updating Social Club

    I am trying to update to the latest social club so that my game can launch. When i download the rockstar launcher update provided by rockstar : https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200146066 it downloads and says "sorry but GTA V is not installed on this computer" my GTA v is installed in D drive steam folder and the download comed into my c drive folder so not sure if that is part of the problem? thanks in advance!
  14. ricearoni

    [WIP] Enhanced LSPD Cop

    Wow! look forward to seeing more of you work! I hear the Los Santos sheriffs dept has been looking to upgrade!
  15. ricearoni

    Vehicle File Issue

    I had installed Hurks explorer as sheriff2 into my patchday9ng, and put carvariations into mpvalentines. Now I have deleted all of the hurk explorer files from those places and switched it to a different slot (poice4) I now tried to install pimdslr tahoe in sheriff 2 (in patchday3ng) The model works fine but no matter how many times i edit the ytd, it spawns in with the explorer texture on it, any solutions?