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  1. dindan306

    Georga State Police Pack (requested)

    Which cvpi is that?
  2. dindan306

    4K Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack

    These are so great! Would love to see a black and white version of the Charger and Tahoe!
  3. dindan306


    Man, these are awesome!! Do you plan on releasing? Would love to have these!
  4. dindan306

    Traffic Stop

  5. dindan306

    Traffic Stop

  6. dindan306

    GSP additional unit

  7. dindan306

    Georgia State Patrol Skins

    No problem at all! It was fun to try and make them. Just uploaded a new version with much closer color matches.
  8. dindan306

    [DEV] Templated Buffalo S

    SO SO Good! Especially with the new PPV rims and rambar! Thank you so much. Definitely helped me with my vehicle textures.
  9. dindan306

    Georgia State Patrol Skins

    Was just trying to get some quick pics up. Proper screenshots now available.
  10. dindan306

    Georgia State Patrol Skins

    Version 2.0.0


    These are skins used for LtMattJeter's "[DEV] Templated Stanier 1.1" and Century's "GTA V SAHP Buffalo S 1.0.0." They are the liveries of the Georgia State Patrol. Install both vehicles and drop the png files in to replace policenew_sign_1 and stainer_sign_1/stainer_sign_2 respectively. This is my first mod and things I'm noticing are skins disappearing when you go a distance away from them. If anybody knows how to fix this let me know and I'll change things up. More versions to come in the future! All modeling and template credit to original authors. Sources: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8243-gta-v-sahp-buffalo-s/ http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8341-dev-templated-stanier/ Original Stainer Model-Rockstar Games-Standard Template by LtCaine-mapped by MattJeter
    I also have stuttering every 5-7 seconds after installing LSPDFR 0.2 . Before it was a fantastic mod. Thank you!