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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to corleone in Amazing Lightbar   
    If you know your way around in ZModeler, you should have no problem with editing a unlocked Liberty lightbar bar in to a Ultra Freedom.
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    gtapolicetrucker got a reaction from Jetski343 in Alaska State Troopers Vehicle Mega Pack   
    well this has probably been the longest 30 minutes i've seen in some time
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Sam in Heads up: EVCS Beta v0.1 by Grady Featherstone   
    Okay, so when was EVCS announced?  Late January right?  How about ELS.Net?  It was announced last week, right?  
    Are you expecting to see something arrive within a week of the first public announcement?  If so, perhaps you need to rethink your expectations and think back to the time it took for EVCS to 'arrive' - 2 months later.
    Here's the thing, ELS.Net is being designed from the ground up as a special or alternative version of ELS.  It uses the same name for a reason, it is for people who want ELS, but don't want the extra parts system.  As such, I'm doing my best, in close collaboration with Lt.Caine (we've exchanged upwards of 100 lengthy messages), to replicate ELS.  Now, if you take time to consider just how complex ELS is (think about the controls, the little touches, the interface...) you might realise that doing so is actually quite a daunting challenge.  
    This is getting ridiculous, I'm sick of the flaming about all of this, so let me make some things very clear.
    1.  Contrary to what some people are claiming, EVCS is not the first mod of its kind
    The first mod to feature coronas as a method of emergency lighting was made by me in 2010, it was called Illumination and it was a very experimental thing that I ditched for the same reasons that a lot of people are criticising EVCS for: http://youtu.be/9WNEj9yskh4?t=1m45s
    2.  ELS.Net has been in development since January 19th, 2013 (before EVCS was announced)
    I started work on ELS.Net on January 19th, coming up with some basic concepts for how it might work.  Back then, it was still known as Illumination, and was me picking up where I left off here: 

    3.  EVCS and ELS.Net are alternatives for people who don't like the extra parts system.
    That's all they are - alternatives.  Some people will prefer the options of EVCS like livery switching, some people will prefer the features of ELS.Net such as full pattern customisation, exporting and sharing as well as the ELS interface and the rotating light simulation.
    Now please, can we cut the crap?
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Faracus in Traffic Girls droppin' out of the Sky!   
    Mods please excuse this political rant that's about to take place. I can not idly sit by as people talk this way.......I think that this thread has gone off topic from the original (joke?) video.
    You people don't understand, you can't just drop a nuke on anyone you like when you want, doing so will cause political backlash, plus I'm sure it would go against NATO. They are going to talk it out as much as possible, and even then N.Korea will probably have to make the first move giving the US reasonable right to respond.
    Nukes are not the way, it's like I said over on GPM

    Anyone who uses Nuke warfare has to calculate the cost involved, and I'm not talking about the millions it cost's to build them, but the cost of the souls. Why should we bomb innocent HUMAN BEINGS, just because of one guy? That's not fair.
    Would you like people to kill you just because your friends with a colored person?
    There is such a school yard mentality going on around here, (and I'm sorry for the people who have said nothing, I'm not saying anything about you I'm talking about the world in general) where the strongest person wins. Strong people do not win in the long run, smart people do. You drop a nuke and your going to set off a chain of events, I'm no hippie but how much more of our abuse can this world take? We've changed weather patters, destroyed the Ozone, destroyed natural resources, could this not be a tipping point? There are so many things that need to be taken in to consideration before you just drop a nuke.
    Innocent people will be hurt/damaged/killed by that action, and it's not one to just jump to lightly. If we attack them unprovoked you don't know who's going to stand up for them, just because China does not ally with them right now, an unprovoked attack might cause them to go to their aid, all other possibilities must be exhausted first, because sure what if you launch that nuke, and then china fires back, and hits somewhere close to home for you.....then what? More nukes? That's not an answer. Death is not winning, and when the war is over, there wont be much to live for afterward.....
    They do contribute to the world, just because it's not much, and your probably too ignorant to go out there and look before you just start pointing fingers and saying that they are all bad people.
    I'm going to end this rant here because I'm just too frustrated to continue and I don't want the mods to get even more annoyed by my post.
    Lets please stop this political talk, and not take this thread off topic.
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to nickjyc in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    Let's see from the first few pages of this thread...


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    gtapolicetrucker got a reaction from cp702 in A note regarding our account policy (RMC note), harassment and deception   
    i suspected it was him but i didnt want to go out and wrongfully accuse someone of something when i had no proof
    but at first glance as soon as he delayed the mod i knew it was him, and i was thought you guys would of ip matched him by now
    but i also forgot about proxies since it's been a while since i've even used one.
    but i did have someone pm right after his thread was closed saying it was anti, i could foward the pm to you
    it had some interesting points in it
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to EVI in Tutorial: How To Become a GTA IV Expert Modeler.   
    Today I show you how to become a expert GTA IV modeler. Very easy step-by-step tutorial that will get you making cool models in no time.
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    gtapolicetrucker got a reaction from GJPD (Officer Greg) in Police Department   
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to cp702 in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    You could do with a bit more reading, Dillon. He didn't ask about god mode.
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to STARTairsoft780 in sorry to inform you. ( about wtv 190 error )   
    Okay, for future reference, IP. Board has a very nice feature that you can use to let people be aware of certain updates that are personal to you instead of making an entire post. You can simply go to; Your Profile > Profile Feed > "What's on your mind?" 
    Then it remains as a "status update" on your user profile 
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to AntEyeVirus in sorry to inform you. ( about wtv 190 error )   
    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know i've finally stopped eating crayons, i know this is a big shock to you guys. But it was just getting to be too much, started effecting my love life and my pets lives. Thanks for all of your support, oh and sorry about you not modding anymore, this will be one giant loss to the community
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to CEO in sorry to inform you. ( about wtv 190 error )   
    not to be harsh... but no one will give one single poop wether you are modding or not.
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Compeast in What lightbar is this?   
    And that's the art of creating from scratch.
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Kane104 in What lightbar is this?   
    Its misleading for you to call yourself a "vehicle modeler" then in your signature as it implies that you're able to create cars from scratch.

    As I've said numerous times, there are people that call themselves modelers but don't know the meaning of it. If you can't scratch model and only perhaps add a lightbar/parts to a vehicle (like any other ELS mapper) then you're classified as a modder, not modeler.
    EDIT: And yes, it is a Whelen Liberty. There's no way to tell if it is a Duo Liberty or not, both the standard Liberty and Duo have the same look but the Duo can change it's LED colours.
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Kane104 in What lightbar is this?   
    Mind you, I believe I have defined it better.

    Now that's what I call modeling.

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    gtapolicetrucker got a reaction from EVI in What's your favorite state police decal?   
    lapd isnt a state agency, 
    what a fail
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to CG Blaze in What's your favorite state police decal?   
    Actually, that's not exactly how it works.

    The LAPD isn't a state police department. They don't patrol the entire state, and it isn't their responsibility to do so. Just because they have peace officer status doesn't make them a state agency. They may have arrest powers, but again, they're not technically a state agency. They are a municipal department with a comparatively small jurisdiction.
    If the LAPD were to pull someone over in the middle of Sacramento (which would never happen to begin with), sure they may be able to hold/arrest/cite/what have you a person, but the case would then be passed onto the local department, or if need be, state or federal department.
    NY does things similarly. Here, MTA (That is, transit/bus/train/tunnels/bridges) Police officers are technically a state agency, and technically could pull someone over hundreds of miles from a railroad track or bus stop. But, that's not their job, nor would they be likely to do it as it goes way outside their set jurisdiction. They'd also get in a whole lot of shit for doing it.
    State Police specifically have jurisdiction over the whole state, but are typically relegated the highways and biways within the state (though in some states, they serve small towns that are too small or isolated to have their own police force).
    That being said, on topic:
    This is a totally biased opinion, but I think the NYSP cars look quite handsome. :)

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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to EVI in What's your favorite state police decal?   
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    gtapolicetrucker got a reaction from EVI in What's your favorite state police decal?   
    lapd isnt a state agency, 
    what a fail
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to NicolaiB in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    I'm more than pleased to break the news that Lieutenant Caine's ELS mod will make a fantastic comback with a new release soon, Caine has been hard at work at improving stability and add a bunch of nice features to the mod
    Keep your eyes peeled on my channel for more ELS v7 videos, I'll be sure to go in-depth with the changes.
    I'd like to thank Caine for giving me this opportunity to help improve the mod as well as being given the honour of announcing version 7 to all of you, I've seen the mod change into something version 6 can only dream of, he's a super guy.
    It will be released here on LCPDFR.com and select other modding sites soon.
    15/04 UPDATE!!!

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    gtapolicetrucker got a reaction from Pengi in [WIP] Unlocked Tahoes! :)   
    have fun i guess?
    i dont know how well this will pan out but ok
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Jeffrey3 in HELP!! I'm new to this   
    Yea and its illegal to download music to .. these things are done lol
    FYI i have not hacked "jailbreaked" my PS3 ... back to the subject here...
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to Andre Amorim in Craziest Police Chase I've Seen   
    i tought it was my internet that was lagging lol
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    gtapolicetrucker reacted to cp702 in Best Operating System   
    I never got all the Vista hate. It always worked well for me, and XP was just *painful* after trying Vista.
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