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    chnnls823 got a reaction from RHefo96 in Police4 issues since 0.4 update   
    Thanks so much.. I got it working. Just redownloaded the caprice and reinstalled and all is good now. Appreciate the help though!
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    chnnls823 reacted to RHefo96 in Police4 issues since 0.4 update   
    install this. it will show up then once you follow the guidelines. If problem persists with vehicle try changing to a different model I am currently using this pack here and Police4 works perfect no bugs. I also have changed a couple of the vehicles to make them an addon by watching Albos videos if you have got the time to spare and mess around with things. Also note when you install the EUP settings any vehicles you want certain Agencies to use follow this file path and edit the Agency.xml file in here E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\lspdfr\data\custom
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    chnnls823 reacted to EMT Mike F in LSPDFR 0.4 - Now Available   
    I did not try that, I will thanks!!
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    chnnls823 got a reaction from LMS in LSPDFR 0.4 - Now Available   
    Love 0.4... as of now I can say the following works for me. Spotlight, BVA, PLD, ELS, and SpeedRadar work just fine. I also still have Radiance and Visual V. Played for over an hour with no issues. Still adding and testing others..

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    chnnls823 got a reaction from yeinzy in LSPDFR 0.4 - Now Available   
    Love 0.4... as of now I can say the following works for me. Spotlight, BVA, PLD, ELS, and SpeedRadar work just fine. I also still have Radiance and Visual V. Played for over an hour with no issues. Still adding and testing others..

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    chnnls823 reacted to Albo1125 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    The source code for Albo1125.Common is now available at https://github.com/Albo1125/Albo1125-Common
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    chnnls823 reacted to Albo1125 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Source code for Assorted Callouts is now available.
    Also, thank you for all the kind comments. I've read them all - truly humbling.
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    chnnls823 reacted to Osopoderoso in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    @Albo1125 You can be sure that your work has been happy to thousands of people, who have seen expanded the functions of LPDFR in an incredible way. I only have words of thanks for you. I beg you not to abandon everything please, so that in LSPDFR 0.4 we can have your mods working as well.

    Thank you!
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    chnnls823 reacted to FirstThirtyMinutes in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Albo, I'm sure I'll occasionally see you around but just wanted to say thank you for the massive amount of time and resources you have poured into this community. Your plugins have made LSPDFR so much more immersive. I know you will have success wherever life takes you.
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    chnnls823 reacted to CVSiN in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Without your mods I doubt I'd have stayed interested at all in LSPDFR. I really hope you dont really ride off into the sunset just yet. will will need the next gen of mods for .4
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    chnnls823 reacted to Albo1125 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Dear all, 
    As many of you will have noticed, my activity in the LSPDFR scene has decreased significantly over the past few months. There are many reasons for this, the details of which I won't bore you with. It mostly comes down to being busy with other things in my life, as well as LSPDFR becoming less interesting for me having played it for so long and the introduction of frameworks allowing modded GTA5 multiplayer environments (read: FiveM).
    How times have changed since when I joined the community in 2015, from me taking an interest in learning to code in C# to having multiple plugins released on the site. It's been one heck of a journey here. I recall well the first 'mod' I uploaded for the LSPDFR community, which was called 'More Jail Points' at the time. This was first published for RAGEPluginHook 0.20. This later evolved into 'More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter' and is now known as the all-so-familiar Arrest Manager. When I was contacted by @dbock1989, who was so enthusiastic about my More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter plugin at the time, I couldn't quite believe it. He had been so kind as to create a variety of images related to the plugin (see below)! It frankly couldn't have been a more exciting moment at the time and, alongside other overwhelmingly positive and welcoming feedback, served as a major motivation factor for me to continue learning to code and create plugins.

    Following this, I was looking to give more purpose to the LSPDFR traffic stop system. And so, Traffic Policer was born - a plugin originally intended to add a few ambient events related to traffic offences. This has now grown into one of my most feature-packed plugins to date. By this time, some YouTubers started using my plugins in their videos. Not only was this a great way for me to obtain feedback on my mods' user experience, I also watched @Zachary Houseknecht with great pleasure while my ANPR Hit AI lit many of his police vehicles on fire... An absolute howler: https://youtu.be/4D8HshZzWMQ?t=606
    Some weeks on and Assorted Callouts was next in line. This was originally created out of a callout idea by  @CaptainSugarFree  and turned into what is now known as the Pacific Bank Heist. This took about 4 weeks of intensive development to fully complete (and am I shocked at the code quality looking back at it now... works though). As the first of its kind, the callout featured voice-overs and an intense, detailed SWAT based LSPDFR callout. I was incredibly proud for this to be featured on @Jeff Favignano's channel and I see now that the video in question has amassed over 1.9 million views... breathtaking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIXKvUyzylA
    Moving on again. At this point, @FinKone had managed to get me into YouTube. After having released British Policing Script, longing for an LSPDFR experience closer to home for me, many longed a version of the plugin for international and American users to incorporate the traffic stop improvements and a court system. With that, I released LSPDFR+ by doing my first ever YouTube live stream, which was quite the experience. After this, I released Siren Mastery, PoliceSmartRadio and a variety of other tools and smaller plugins. Many hours of coding, effort, stress, giving support and obtaining feedback had been put in by this point. I was absolutely chuffed to then achieve one million downloads on my published files...
    This figure has since risen to over five million.
    Following some negative coverage of LSPDFR in some of the Australian media, I'm also very happy that Wired UK decided to publish an overwhelmingly positive article on the whole GTA5 police modding scene: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/gta-5-mods-lsdpfr-british-police?utm_content=buffer9ca53
    After PoliceSmartRadio's release - with the infamous April FoolsRadio download giving four thousand people a perhaps frustratingly good laugh - I placed the whole modding scene lower in my priority list. As mentioned previously, this has since been pushed far further down.
    Some thoughts on the community's development over time
    I would describe the LSPDFR community as healthy. @Sam @LMS and all the other contributors have created something very special for all the right reasons and this is largely reflected in the attitudes of the staff & moderation team and community members. With publishing mods on a popular website like this, unfortunately, comes some drama and negativity - and while I have not always agreed with the way and speed the moderation team dealt with my reports relating to me and my work, they have done a good job overall. The few issues that I experienced were all resolved. From my experience in the plugin side of the modding scene, this continues to be the case now.
    One thing I noted during the months that passed is that both experienced but particularly newer modders are now frequently treated with disdain in the scene. The modding scene has grown massively since when I first started and unfortunately, in this area, it shows. Everyone starts somewhere and the fact someone is spending their free time creating something for all of you to download, for free, has become massively underappreciated and taken for granted. Sure, a new modders' release may be full of bugs and be nowhere near as feature-rich as more developed plugins, but this takes time to solve. Had I received the negative feedback I've seen on many a new modder's release page back in 2015, you can rest assured I wouldn't have continued my development here. When providing feedback, by all means, point out the issues, but do so in a friendly, constructive manner, not in an entitled, toxic one. Have a look at the first few comments on my Arrest Manager download page to see what that is like - this was a major factor for me to consider continuing development! It is essential for the development of the LSPDFR modding community that this attitude is changed back to what it was in the 'good old days'.
    With all that said, I also hope the release of LSPDFR 0.4 kicks a breath of fresh air into the now somewhat stale core LSPDFR modification. With over 2 years having passed since the latest update of the core modification, I'm sure we all agree that an update would be a very welcome step. From the various preview posts released by the development team, it looks that we all have something great to look forward to there.
    'Retirement'? So does that mean you're permanently done with the LSPDFR modding scene?
    No, but I won't be actively developing plugins for LSPDFR any more. To be fair, nothing's really changing much now compared to the past few months. I intend to remain as a member of the LSPDFR Testing Team and I'm sure I'll be drawn back in at some point to explore some of the new development options in the 0.4 API. I'll also stay around on my discord and occasionally the forums and I intend to continue publishing occasional videos on my Youtube channel. And yes, for those that know and enjoy it, I'm also planning to continue writing blog posts on UK road safety . If my time and motivation levels allow, I may publish some minor updates to my current mods before 0.4 is released. The fact remains, however, that I would currently classify myself as 'inactive' in the scene. With so much other stuff going on, I simply don't have the time to commit that I used to. It would be a pity to say the least to let all my work slowly deteriorate and waste away. Therefore, I've decided to publish the source code to some of my plugins to https://github.com/Albo1125/. At the very least, I would like it to be a learning resource for other ambitious plugin developers in the scene. At best, I hope other developers will take it upon themselves to improve the code where necessary (yes it is very necessary!) and create pull requests to share those improvements. These can then be merged and released, with credits obviously included for contributors.
    Back when I started developing for LSPDFR, very few learning resources were available bar the great example project by @LukeD . This hasn't really changed since, despite the creation of the LSPDFR API repository by LMS (https://github.com/LMSDev/LSPDFR-API) and some posts aiming to document the LSPDFR functions by myself in the API development subforum. A noteable step was the creation of the LSPDFR Developers Discord server thanks to  @Stealth22 A full post with current development resources can be found here: 
    I'm planning to publish the source code to a number of my plugins one-by-one to improve this and give something to the community:
    Arrest Manager: https://github.com/Albo1125/Arrest-Manager  Assorted Callouts: https://github.com/Albo1125/Assorted-Callouts Albo1125.Common: https://github.com/Albo1125/Albo1125-Common Traffic Policer: https://github.com/Albo1125/Traffic-Policer LSPDFR+: https://github.com/Albo1125/LSPDFRPlus British Policing Script: https://github.com/Albo1125/British-Policing-Script  
    By no means do I claim that any of the code I post is perfect or amazing - on the contrary, far from it. With the experience I have now from studying a BSc in Computer Science, reading through some of my old code makes me want to tear my hair out. This is only to be expected, though - most of my plugins were created as part of my learning experience of C#. Prior to this, I had no coding experience or knowledge. It's fascinating to see how the quality of my code has evolved over time by looking at my various different plugins in order of initial release date.
    Wrapping up. I hope this post provides some clarification and closure for those of you wondering where on earth I've been over the past few months. It's been an absolute blast and a pleasure. To all of you who were a part of my journey here, thank you.
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    chnnls823 reacted to Jeff Favignano in LSPDFR Flashing Lights Logo Splash   
    Hey all, I was recently asked where someone could get the flashing LSPDFR splash screen I use in my videos recently. I decided to upload it and make it unlisted. Feel free to download it with any means you need to and use it in your videos if you want!
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    chnnls823 reacted to Cyan in Downgrading GTA IV / GTA EFLC to   
    LCPDFR and the Scripthook are not compatible with the recent unexpected GTA IV update. To make use of script modfications and LCPDFR again, we've compiled the following tutorial that will downgrade you to, the last version of GTA IV supported by the Scripthook.
    This tutorial will work with GTA IV and GTA EFLC.
    First, in your GTA directory, rename paul.dll to paul.original.dll. Go to this Rockstar support page and download the patch.
    GTA IV: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200145406--May-28-2010-Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-Patch-7-Title-Update-v-1-0-7-0-English-1-0-6-1-Russian-1-0-5-2-Japanese-
    GTA EFLC: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200145386-Grand-Theft-Auto-Episodes-from-Liberty-City-Title-Update-1-1-2-0-Patch-2- Extract the ZIP file to a new folder somewhere in your computer and run UpdateTitle.exe or (EFLC) setup.exe. After patching is complete, rename paul.dll to paul.old.dll. Rename paul.original.dll to paul.dll. Launch GTA IV. If all has went well, your GTA IV has been downgraded.
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    chnnls823 reacted to Jeff Favignano in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
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    chnnls823 reacted to DavSte in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    What about some old features from LCPDFR? Can't wait for 0.4!
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    chnnls823 reacted to Kompetenzz in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Finally a sign of life! :)
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    chnnls823 reacted to Khlowd in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    Does this mean I can finally see CHP/SAHP motor units patrolling the freeways?! Excellent!
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    chnnls823 reacted to LegitSoulja in GTA IV Original & EFLC Downgrade Instructions   
    The link above is the updated script hook. You'll need to download your ASI along with it.
    Also do you want to help start up another lcpdfr GTA IV clan? I have 10 recruits as of now. 
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    chnnls823 reacted to Prophet in [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)   
    This statement was made with the idea that all the mods are forever broken. Alexander will update the scripthook, don't see why he wouldn't.
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    chnnls823 reacted to Olanov in [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)   
    The new update is better than anything in my opinion. RGSC  was broken for the longest except for those few lucky guys. Now they will be able to play as well, on top of the fact you don't need command lines to run the game with good graphics options.
    I'd rather they give an old game love than abandon it totally broken.
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    chnnls823 reacted to ziipzaaapM16A4 in [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)   
    Whats your problem guys? I still play GTA IV LCPDFR.  And i am happy about a update. Newbies can now play in the Multiplayer too.
    Rockstart removed the Social club login requirement
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    chnnls823 reacted to willpv23 in [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)   
    It looks like they updated the Social Club login servers, making GTA IV need a patch if you want to play multiplayer. I guess they realize people still play it, so they released the patch and threw in some bug fixes.
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    chnnls823 reacted to Starkka15 in [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)   
    I am so hoping that scripthook gets updated, I would love to play LCPDFR in Multiplayer!!
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    chnnls823 reacted to Prophet in [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)   
    I have been messing around with the performance aspect and so far it's proven true. Object Detail rendering and night shadows have definitely been tweaked to offer much more stability.  Can't wait to see an updated script-hook soon. 
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    chnnls823 reacted to SkullArmy17 in LCPDFR update?   
    Hello so I was wondering when LCPDFR will be updated to be compatible with patch 8 of GTA 4? I've downgraded it and it wouldn't start, spent 2 days of forums and youtube videos trying to get it to work and it would not. It would be easier for everyone if there was a new update or patch for it for patch 8 that would be greatly appreciated by the entire LCPDFR fan base.
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