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    Starmix got a reaction from Mr.PattyMayoOof in LSPDFR PLUGINS & LSPDFR 0.3 - READ - COMPATIBILITY LIST   
    Code 3 Callouts by @Stealth22 has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    Arrest Warrant Callout by @w35 has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    Agency Callouts by @Darkmyre has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    LSPS by @DemNinjas has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    Traffic Policer by @Albo1125 has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    Assorted Callouts by @Albo1125 has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    Federal Callouts by @goigle has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
    Crazy Callouts by @TitanSloth has been updated to work with LSPDFR 0.3.
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    Starmix got a reaction from MathiasDK in cannot go on duty   
    Go into the Ragehook options and enable "Enable DirectX11" and "Enable Windowed Mode" and try to launch.
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    Starmix reacted to Cyan in I Have a formal complaint   
    Hi 1king21,
    The best thing to do is to report the content using the report links that should be under the comment, with information on any harassment.
    This will allow your complaint to be dealt with in the most efficient manner.
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    Starmix reacted to t0y in It's just slow   
    Not that it's your fault, but pourquoi? 
    I notice it especially in the gallery/images it's just... soo.... sloooooooooooooooooooow. It's not my internet, even though it's trash the slowness only happens on here, and it happens for other people too.  It has only been this slow since the weird gallery update a while back, any way to fix this please? Quite annoying.
    Speaking of the gallery can we get that 4mb gallery limit out of the way please, thanks. Much love bye. 
    Also btw I'm back here if this was a surprise, I liked the 0.4 technology behind it type post and so yeah hiya.
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    Starmix reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    Hi whoever is reading this,
    So it has been a very long time coming, and I have thought about this a few times but I am finally quitting LSPDFR and probably GTA. I know you're probably wondering why did I just post a picture of a cop car I modeled then, well that was before I realized I was quitting and demotivated thanks to chapperoni for giving me a kick in the butt. There have been MANY things leading up to this decision, and of course it isn't an easy one to make ive been in the community for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed a lot of it (ish) and found new hobbies of mine like modeling and graphic design, and subsequently police cars and has directed my attention at a law enforcement career in the future (maybe, probably not though.)
    Anyway here are some reasons why I am leaving, I was going to keep this brief but really fuck that, not here to start an argument or anything either thank you to the staff for your help and im not trying to call anyone out of course just hoping this will open your eyes if you want to keep your mod alive. 
    - Toxic, toxic modding community. Not that this is necessarily the mod's fault or the general community's fault but man are the modders on this toxic. For those of you who have yet to see what goes on behind the scenes it is just full of negativity, immaturity, and constant shit talking no matter what you do. It is hard to spend money on ZM, and lord  knows the time to make models for a plugin for a video game as your hobby just to have half of the modding community tear your shit up because your lightbar is an inch too high or your antenna is curved a bit, or god forbid you dont have a cone and a bag in your trunk. 
    - Inactive and/or generally unsupportive staff team. Again not trying to call any of you out, and those active ones you know who you are and I fully support you but those who arent its not very great. I haven't seen 90% of the staff team even so much as comment on a post in a very long time, which by all means is great go have your life dont focus on some police mod for a video game, but you cant expect the community to stick around. Someone can post a shitty, obviously troll model or livery and it wont get taken down for 6 hours just to have the whole community berating them and reporting them but no one doing anything about it, or they can leave a 1 star review saying some pointless shit on a mod you spent weeks on and guess what... you report it and nothing happens, just sad how unsupportive the staff is.
    - NO UPDATES! It has been 1 1/2 years since the last update for LSPDFR, with an experienced team behind it, a supportive community, and plenty of staff working on it nothing has been done. I know I know "BUT 0.4 IS COMING ITS GOING TO CHANGE THE GAME!!!!" simply... no. An animation has been added. And RDE and EUP have been watered down and then added. Not only is it not good, its just bad, not trying to be rude but nobody wants that, I could care less for stop and frisk or having mods that are already in my game dimmed down, we need an actual update. I know what you're thinking: "t0y you IGNORANT SLUT! YOU ARE A MODELER YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GAME DEVELOPMENT AND SCRIPTING!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK YOU FAT SLOB!" first of all im not fat, and that is very rude, second of all ITS BEEN A YEAR AND A HALF there have been so many scripts made, and huge game improving mods like from Albo that have taken less than a year in a half or PNWParksFan who has made an ENTIRE COAST GUARD CALLOUTS MOD in less than that time that has 100x more content than that update, and those are all by one person not even a whole development team. Up until the 0.4 announcement I had just thought the scripters or creators or whatever you guys are called just ditched the whole mod which is really sad considering I have spent countless hours, even 100s of hours making content for this community on my own time, without asking for donations, or trying to sell godawful merchandise. I really would've expected more from you guys, and you've failed us.
    - Honestly it's just boring. A repetitive mod that barely scratches the surface into anything police related. There are police chases, sure but you chase the guy for 4m, get run over by 100 cop cars "helping" you, pit the guy, shoot him, call a coroner, and drive away then rinse and repeat. No cordoning off the scene, calling investigators, directing traffic away from it, getting backup to come and park near the scene to help out, nothing that isn't action filled, like normal police work. It's just not enough to spend so much time on making models for, I would be willing to bet that there has been 5x as much time and effort spent on modeling for the community as I've seen from people like Matt who spends so much hard work on his models than the mod itself which is just silly. AGAIN because I know this will be taken the wrong way im not trying to call you guys out, I know you have a life, it's just a reason why im out of here.
    Anyway to conclude. Yeah. Bye.
    Thanks to all the people that I was friends with over the years, you know who you are (most of you are in Faux Policiers, if so this is repetitive and we're still going to talk to so not saying bye so this is pointless so special thanks to you guys: Emil, DudeMan would be cooler if this was your real name but fuck off, Eric, Jay, Rob, Alex, Maurice, Steven, Brad, Hank, Jake, Jed, Kevin, Kus, Luke, and Trevor sorry you're last but you're offline so your name is on the bottom of the list.
    If you want to stay in touch my Discord is t0y#8617 and my Twitter is thet0y feel free to add me/follow me and we can chat. Still going to lurk around here and see what happens.
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    Starmix got a reaction from Rupesh Prasad in HELP! How to get the Gta V LSPDFR mod NON STEAM VERSION!   
    It's fine, whether you bought it from Steam, R* Warehouse or Retail or even somewhere else.
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    Starmix reacted to A Stranger in Installing LSPDFR   
    Okay, I spent hours in voice with you over the spawn of days helping you set up LSPDFR, plugins, ELS and even costum cars after you reinstalled the game because "someone messed it up". Without ever seeing what you did.
    We were talking. The last update I had was me installing MVGA, which worked perfectly, and running into EUP being blocked.
    But then I had to leave because I have a life of my own as well. 
    And then you go ahead and reinstall the game. Again. For the third time. Even though multiple people on the Discord told you not to, including me multiple times in voice.
    So everything I did was gone. Great, hours wasted. 
    And then people decided not to help you because you started to blame things on them and starting over again wasn't a choice. 
    Not after spending hours for you setting it up. Literally telling you to drag & drop 14 times. The basics, I say.
    And then you go in pm and viscously insult me, including the members of this Discord. If you want, I have a screenshot I can link it for everyone to see. After I spent hours in voice nicely guiding you through something you were too lazy to read.
    It's you who is to blame for it not working. And there have been plenty capeable people trying to help you, but you don't listen. No need to blame us. 
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    Starmix reacted to A Stranger in Installing LSPDFR   
    *Including the entire game. You told & write that in chat.
    I did it all for you, it worked. When you came back you blamed me for it to other people, basically behind my back. So no, I refused to help you. You deleted the stuff I did for you. I won't redo it.
    You wouldn't even install the official Microsoft requirements for Rage. You wouldn't do anything I asked, I literally had to work for it. 
    We tried to help you, I set it all up, Sebo even explained it to you again. 
    And you were muted because you spam-tagged, insulted and interrupted people. It's for a reason.
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    Starmix got a reaction from JohnBart in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    It lives.
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    Starmix reacted to Cyan in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    I can't imagine that LSPDFR + FiveM will ever be a thing. That's not to say very far down the road there won't be multiplayer support in some way, but it's something that isn't on the cards right now.
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    Starmix got a reaction from JohnBart in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    It lives.
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    Starmix reacted to t0y in Headers dont work   
    This may have been reported already but my header wont work even after I upload it, and neither will other's when I visit their pages. Not sure if this is for everyone or just my computer. 

    Like that
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    Starmix got a reaction from MathiasDK in cannot go on duty   
    Go into the Ragehook options and enable "Enable DirectX11" and "Enable Windowed Mode" and try to launch.
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    Starmix reacted to Hullian111 in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    Drama erupted. Honestly, I feel like maybe it should come back too, as I do have a lot of things to say that don't really need a full-blown topic.
    Regardless, though, I feel like those were the good old days, too, even though I would have never known LCPD:FR existed then. If only I were able to join in the GTA IV prime time...
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    Starmix reacted to PhillBellic in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    What ever happened to the 'Status Update' thing? I miss those. Kinda like creating a Topic, but not...

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    Starmix reacted to Lundy in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    @Cyan When the IPS wasn't garbage.
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    Starmix got a reaction from jgannon02 in Corrupt game files   
    maybe look into an issue before telling people to just reinstall?
    Have you got a mods folder in your game folder? If so, have any of them modified .meta files at all?
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    Starmix got a reaction from MathiasDK in cannot go on duty   
    Go into the Ragehook options and enable "Enable DirectX11" and "Enable Windowed Mode" and try to launch.
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    Starmix reacted to Scuderio in Slower chases   
    Atm I don't know about something that could turn down the chase speed but it would be very interesting if some modder could make a speedlimiter for chases.
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    Starmix reacted to AndyKrause in LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released   
    Quite frankly, having worked on a larger scale modding-project myself for a while (many years ago) I suspect that development is not really moving forward at all. It's been almost 2 years since the last release. Phrases like "busy life" and "it's just a hobby" are standard phrases you get to hear when people have lost their motivation to work on a project, but are not ready to admit that or let the project go completely.
    If progress is actually made, then I would really love to know in detail what has been done in the past two years. That's a reaaaaaally long time. And while the current version of LSPDFR is really amazing, stable and has lots of features... there is easily tons of other stuff that could still be added.
    If the developers have lost interest and motivation in adding new features, that's completely fine by me. They have achieved AMAZING things over the past years. Not just by creating the mod, but also by creating and running this amazing community. And just to be clear, I am incredibly thankful for everything they have done for us. Having work on a project myself, I really do understand how much work is going on behind the scenes.
    The only thing I am asking for is more transperency in terms of the current state and where LSPDFR is heading to in the future. No need for a Dev-Blog, just some simple information about what features are being planned and how far developed they are by now.
    Thanks for your hard work!
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    Starmix got a reaction from PhillBellic in LSPDFR 0.3 - Downtown Police Station   
    I think it was 'Wanna know why so many people fall down the stairs in my precinct'
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    Starmix reacted to Cyan in Contributors in showrooms   
    Ooo that's interesting. I'll have a look and see if this would be a difficult one for us to pull off.
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    Starmix reacted to Cyan in First time installer   
    You seem to have missed the instructions on the page:

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    Starmix reacted to Cyan in How can i join GTA Online   
    When you install LSPDFR, you literally have to launch it through RAGEPluginHook.exe. In order to use GTA Online, launch GTA normally, without RPH.
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    Starmix reacted to Cyan in Loading Screen Crash   
    That file is useless. You'll need to pastebin or upload the .log file.