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    Hastings reacted to Kallus in A little present to this great community   
    I recommend, if you haven't already, talk with your supervisor/boss and just verify if it's allowed at all to upload.  I'd hate for them to see it and you get in trouble.
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    Hastings reacted to Effegi88 in A little present to this great community   
    Hello there!
    As the hype for 0.4 is getting bigger every day, I decided to give a little present to the whole community, Players and Devs.
    Here we all love emergency agencies, law enforcement above all and we luckily have real officers between us, telling us their stories.
    I'm italian and I work in EMS since 2008.
    In my country EMS is provided by First Responders (the same of North American EMT-B) like me, Nurses and Doctor with ambulances and medical cars.
    So, I recorded my unit rolling on a call and I want to share it with you in a 8 minutes video.
    If I will receive good feedback and a good amount of viewers, I'll start a series, using a better dashcam (you'll easily understand why 😅 ), where I also explain policies and procedures of my beloved job.
    Hope you enjoy it! 
    Ambulance Dascam - Emergency Driving
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    Hastings got a reaction from civilUser in Machete Man In London Train Station   
    Liberal-minded in my opinion when a significant and dangerous offense gets a slap on the wrist and good wishes for whatever odd reason. I fail to see how this relates to his mental states and appropriate measures. If he's mentally ill, I hope he can be helped. 
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    Hastings reacted to McGillicuddyAP in Ask A Cop   
    Weirdest call was my second day on field training when I was right out of the academy.  I walked into a living room on a welfare check and there was 20 year old Indian guy, butt naked on the floor, covered in KY jelly, with his left fist completely inserted in his rectum screaming "come get me".
    Weirdest item found would be a bed pan concealed down someones pants.
    Those are great questions.  I will answer your questions in the order you asked them.  The first thing to remember with the detective position at almost all police departments is that it is a lateral promotion.  In other words, you must start your career as a road patrol or beat cop, working the street taking calls.  This is where you learn your investigative skills.  At my department as with most, detective is a permanent position.  At my agency now all of our detectives are "general assignment" meaning they could get anything from a burglary to a homicide assigned to them.  My previous police department, which was about twice the size, gave detective specific assignments, such as sex crimes, violent crimes, persons crimes and fraud.  If you become a detective you will be sent to advanced training in investigations and interviews.  In my area, we can go take the same classes you would need to be a detective so that we can start building our resume before we have to apply for an opening.
    The jurisdiction question is great.  So yes, I work for an incorporated town within a county.  My police "powers" are in full effect within the town limits, but I technically have police authority in the entire state.  My agency has what are called MOU (memorandum's of understanding) with surrounding agencies.  This means that the jurisdictions we have an agreement with allow us to enforce state statute in their territory.  For instance, if I observe a traffic violation occur in my presence, but it is 100 yards away in the neighboring jurisdiction, the MOU allows me to drive over, pull the car over and lawfully write the citation without being legally challenged on my authority at that location.  I have written tickets and even made arrests in other jurisdictions, depending on the circumstances.  If I need to go arrest someone and it is more than a ten minute drive for me and my sergeant wont approve it, I have the local agency go pick the person up.  This is because as LEO's in Florida the law allows what is called "transference of probable cause".  This means I can call a cop anywhere in the state and tell them to go arrest a person in their jurisdiction, and they can do so based off my word alone that I have probable cause to arrest.
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    Hastings got a reaction from LucyWithAGun in Anti-Cop "Activist" Showed True Colors   
    I tried to find any info on this guy being a part of an anti-cop movement or whatever, came up empty. Looks like he was a lone nutjob. Perhaps in the future you could include a little more of backstory?
    On the other hand, I find it heavily ironic that an 'anti-patriarchy' guy enrolled his daughter w/o his ex-wife permission. He clearly disregarded the wife's rights. Very inconsistent with his apparent views.
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    Hastings got a reaction from BlueLineBacker in Machete Man In London Train Station   
    Good job by the BTP! Suspect is alive and can face trial.
    Now let's just hope that no liberally-minded judge decides to give him a suspended sentence.
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    Hastings reacted to LtFlash in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    That's a huge loss for the community, you were delivering quality content for such a long time it's hard to imagine the FR scene without you. Thanks for your brilliant work, Albo!
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    Hastings got a reaction from LtFlash in The Mind-Boggling Classic Cop Car Thread   
    Some old school from Mothеr Яussia
    Letters on the back door stand for Mobile Police Squad (or Pomogi mne Gospodi aka Help Me God)

    Don't know about you, but I like seeing police cars in yellow. Brings variety.

    Hello buddy, can I get some pizza at my location please

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    Hastings got a reaction from 11john11 in The Mind-Boggling Classic Cop Car Thread   
    Some old school from Mothеr Яussia
    Letters on the back door stand for Mobile Police Squad (or Pomogi mne Gospodi aka Help Me God)

    Don't know about you, but I like seeing police cars in yellow. Brings variety.

    Hello buddy, can I get some pizza at my location please

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    Hastings reacted to willpv23 in Youtube will no longer allow monetization if you have less than 1k subs   
    I just want to point to this argument specifically: YouTube is not a job. Google did not hire YouTube partners, they have no obligation to keep their channel partnered aside from whatever was agreed to when it was partnered (which I doubt most people read, I know I didn't).
    I think this is a good change, to be honest. It means they have less channels to worry about when it comes to (de)monetization. As it stands, they have to make global "not advertiser friendly" takedowns simply because they can't enforce or control the advertisements on every single partnered channel individually. Maybe this will end the "adpocolypse" (probably not but wishful thinking).
    I was partnered because I had a single video get over 1,000 views. If every single person with over 1,000 views is partnered, it is literally impossible to please everyone. Now they might be able to focus a bit more on making things better for partners.
    Also, if you don't already meet these guidelines, there is no way you are making a living off of YouTube. If anything it's a side gig or hobby that just won't be paying anymore.
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    Hastings got a reaction from Kallus in oldest police vehicle currently in service?   
    Blue with white stripes was the best paint scheme ever, indeed 😢
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    Hastings got a reaction from Kallus in oldest police vehicle currently in service?   
    This dude remembers Ronald Reagan...

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    Hastings reacted to MrMook in oldest police vehicle currently in service?   
    the last time i remember seeing a white BPD vic was around two years ago and it was broken down on the side of the road. here is an interesting vid i found online. an 80s chevy truck retired in 3013 from nypd 
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    Hastings reacted to MrMook in oldest police vehicle currently in service?   
    As of 2018 Baltimore police still has one 98 vic rolling around. Its apparently an unaccounted for unit used by some maintenance guy. its grey because its a retired housing pd unit remarked by the city police. in 2013 i saw a 97 vic go by and if can can remember straight it was last seen in 2016 and several 97 vic were retired in 2016 along with some 95 mustangs 


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    Hastings reacted to phantoms in The Mind-Boggling Classic Cop Car Thread   
    Restored Chatham County Police car

    Restored Savannah Police car.

    Restored State Patrol

    Georgia State Patrol 56 Ford

    Georgia State Patrol '61 Catalina

    Geogia State Patrol 1990 Caprice

    Georgia State Patrol 1991 Crown Vic

    Geaorgia State Patrol 1991 Mustang

    GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) agent posing in front of Ludowici, GA Speed Trap sign put up by then Governor Maddox
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    Hastings reacted to Ben in Three mass shootings in America in one day   
    I can likely outrun someone with a knife, have the potential to outfight someone in a fist-fight, but I can't outrun a bullet. Obviously, the whole European point of things would never work in the United States, simply because how many guns are already out there, most other countries I'd argue a case could be made that it is safer to have no guns or strict limitations, but the numbers in the United States simply means that either way you'd struggle to make a difference.
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    Hastings got a reaction from Hystery in Three mass shootings in America in one day   
    Guns in the hands of mentally unstable people is the issue, and is a correctable one. 
    There is a huge difference between many types of violence. I'm not a saint and I honestly don't care about gang violence, for example, when they kill each other, as long as it doesn't affect normal citizens. On the other hand, cases like above affect innocent people for no reason. It is a problem, and is mainly US problem (almost never happens in my home country, a real rare occurrence in many European countries). 
    Simply speaking, you have almost nonexisting chance getting shot just because in a mall, in a school or in an office in Russia. Do you see my point? 
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    Hastings reacted to Hystery in Three mass shootings in America in one day   
    I think you missed the point the article you quoted was trying to make there. They seemed to specifically talk about terrorist attacks, in which case I definitely agree that an excellent intelligence and better community policing are the ways to go, rather than arming a larger portion of officers. Acting preemptively to avoid those attacks from happening is much better than letting them happen and just hope to be able to deal with it with armed officers once they occur. Good intelligence services allow for better tracking of dangerous individuals, and proper community policing can prevent some people in poor or segregated communities to fall into extremism.
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    Hastings got a reaction from Lee10 in Yet another mass shooting, Texas church   
    By "sick" I don't mean a mental condition. White, brown, black, zebra, if you want to kill others, something is not right with you (it's only my opinion though). 
    One thing I don't understand is why in many US states guns are sold without an extensive BG check. You need to visit a doctor even to get a license, but not a gun. I'm all pro-guns and if I lived in the States I'd get one or two, but I have zero complaints against a background check and a unified register (at least statewide) of firearm owners, with the possible exception of hunting rifles. 
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    Hastings got a reaction from Hystery in UK's Extradition Dilemma   
    Are those the same people who somehow acquired top-secret-lethal-neurotoxin, smuggled it into one of the most secure countries in the world and attempted to kill someone who had already been pardoned by Russian government a couple years ago aaaand failed? Yep, those heinous criminals should be extradited. We have enough brain-dead morons in Russia. 
    Thank God UK hospitals apparently stock samples of Russian top-secret lethal neurotoxins so they could immediately identify the toxin and treat the poisoning. 
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    Hastings got a reaction from sek510i in Sweden - Rape Capital : Child Sexual Assualt Crime = Community Service?   
    I would advise you against relying on anything RT broadcasts, as they're experts at shuffling facts and are primarily aimed at Russian viewers to demonstrate the decay of the West.
    And those guys are paid for by our taxes. What a joy.
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    Hastings reacted to Westcoaster in Perfect Pit Maneuver Destroys Trailer Trash On The Run   
    Trailer trash is a term used for low-class people, mostly those who live in trailer parks.
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    Hastings got a reaction from Kallus in Guy on drugs does the cop's job for them   
    Did he write the arrest report himself as well? Then the Criminal of the Year award is coming!
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    Hastings got a reaction from Lee10 in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Decided to hit  the 24/7 in Sandy and was looking for a good all-terrain getaway vehicle, when I noticed a Seminole passing by. These are nice SUVs so I followed it to that little cul-de-sac of a dirt road near Sandy and while I'm at it I notice the Seminole has nice unusual wheels. I'm like "cool, RDE and World of Variety actually made peds drive modified cars!"
    So I cut the guy off on that cul-de-sac and even tap his bumper to make him stop, get out, approach the drivers door and in the split second while I'm raising my weapon at him I notice that strange partition in the back of the Seminole... Which reminded me of something... Of a police cage?.. What the f..!
    Guess what? It was a BCSO detective >< I was so astonished for a second or so that he had a chance to taser me and put under arrest. How was that, "if criminals were smart, we wouldn't be catching them"?
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    Hastings got a reaction from Lee10 in Freedom Of Protest In UK - Only For Some   
    He can't work for a federal agency as Poland is not a federation. Someone is mistaken here. 
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