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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Iconography in Rockstars saying about mods in Singleplayer.   
    Going to pin and feature to put this whole issue to rest once and for all.
    No you will not be banned for single player mods.

    If you feel that this topic has been pinned in error, please report this post.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Black Jesus in Cops Laugh As Man With Ruptured Spleen Begs For Medical Attention For Hours (VIDEO)   
    I hope he gets convicted. There was nothing that warranted any kind of force from that officer, looks like he did it for shits and giggles
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to AlexLCPDFR in Los Santos State Police [REQUEST]   
    But Los Santos is a city...
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Double Doppler in Car Models for GTA 5?   
    ​It's not how long it takes to put a model into the game, it's how long it will take for the coders/script modders to write the tools for the game engine so that the vehicle modders can begin work.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to K-9 police 9 in Car Models for GTA 5?   
    You would need LSPDFR anyway 1st to make it even worthwhile
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to J T in Car Models for GTA 5?   
    uhhh......not for atleast 6 months which is why I don't have gta v for pc yet...its going to be awhile
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to scottm2014 in GTA V so called leaked   
    If you mean that they leaked a version of the game back on Jan. 8th, then who cares. That version isn't the finished product and most likely doesn't have all the features that the finished version does have. Regardless, every game is going to get pirated. Period. It's the sad reality. And it's not just PC games, console games can easily be pirated too. Game dev's have a few ways to help prevent pirating and ways to fight it, like activation codes for example. But pirates gonna pirate. 
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to SergeantWilliam in LCPD:FR Prison   
    That sounds like a good idea.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to OfficerSquare in LCPD:FR Prison   
    Hey active developers & coders! We all know about the prison in Grand Theft Auto IV. The sad thing is, it doesn't get used for anything. Wouldn't it be cool if you could go on patrol as an officer, and accept call-outs to escort a criminal to prison?
    Main Concept
     - Escorting criminals from a Police Station to Prison.
     - Having duty inside Prison.
     - Call-outs of escaped Prisoners.
     - Call-outs of overtaken bus. (Possible Chase)
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to ineseri in Want to play MP right now?   
    Again, this is not a recruitment topic. This is for organizing "right here, right now" multiplayer games. This is not for clans, groups or crews. 
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Crickethill in A strange thing happening with CryENB 3   
    ELS lights in CryENB depend on the shaders. In V1 you had very bright lights, blinding even like you describe it, in V3, if you install everything correctly, they should look good.
    Also check your visualeffects. Maybe your settings are too high for CryENB V3. I have my lights set to 80 and they look bright and realistic. So they might be too bright if you go towards values of about 150 or above.
    It also depends on the lightbars. It seems like some lightbars are brighter out of the box than others, so you have to adjust accordingly to them. But I am not sure about that, it is only an experience I had. Like a Whelen Liberty is a lot brighter than a Whelen Legacy, therefore the Legacy always looks better for me.
    Let me know if you found out anything ;)
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Drift_91 in Help with making scripts more stable?   
    Are you willing to release the source code? People would probably be a lot more willing to help if they can see what's going on in your code. Although I understand if you don't want to have to worry about plagarism. It's just that GTA is inherently unstable with mods installed and making the game more stable isn't really a simple thing. If it was simple then the LCPD:FR mod would almost never crash. :P
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to MichaelV in City of Los Angeles in style of City of Liberty   
    Quickly edited this up.

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    OfficerAndrew got a reaction from Kode103 in City of Los Angeles in style of City of Liberty   
    I haven't seen any LA Seals with LC instead. You could probably edit this one and put Liberty City with the same font and style.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to willpv23 in New here, some questions!   
    This is more of an LCPDFR discussion topic than miscellaneous, so moved to LCPDFR Discussion.
    There are no "official" servers or anything, but if you want to play LCPDFR with other people you may use this topic: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to FinKone in Callout "Traffic Backup"   
    Just a SIDE NOTE to anyone using ELS - Make sure the RANGE (in the ELS.ini file) is put up to at least 500.  (Talking about Els_Range_Pl, and Els_Range_Ai).  If the AI one is under 300, and I attempt to spawn a Police Vehicle, ELS will force a clean up and delete that vehicle... :(

    0.97 uploaded!  Aim'd at crashes and disregards (no spawns).
    Backup Callout is a plugin for LCPDFR 1.0d, which uses LCPDFR API calls to plug in fluidly into your game.  
    Its currently all about assisting a primary officer, which has called dispatch for a additional unit (YOU), to assist him in a high risk traffic stop.
    Be careful.  These felons don't want to go back to jail.
    1.18[hotfix] addresses the issues of the callout ending without crashing LCPDFR if it fails to create on your computer.
    I'm going to start working on my first callout.  One thing I would love to do is back up a Officer.  Most callouts so far seem linear - in the point that if you get a possible drug call, you know what to expect...
    So I'm working on a assist call as the secondary for a traffic stop (for starters, its going to be in a serious degree IE stolen, felony stop, wanted, so forth).
    1,17 PREVIEW



    Spawn Locations for 1.18[hotfix] (Uploaded 2051 hours, 02MAR2015!)

    Completed Features:
    Normal Traffic stops added. Low chance of normal out comes going "sour" ;) Traffic requests happen map wide, city and highway. 4 out comes to the traffic stop - all of which can change based on the random statistics given to the felon on creation Assign State or County Police Officers to Highway Traffic stops and assist. Idea pool + planned features
     Suspect flees on foot Add to the INI file the ability to set callout ratio types (no normal traffic stops, all, or some) Dialog between primary and secondary officer before and after incident.  Suspect stays in vehicle - non-comply, locks doors (debating about adding)  Suspect throws drugs on ground (player must collect) Improve spawning of city related felon traffic stops (rarely grabs a bad spot)  Add carspawn options (letting players pick which vehicle in a INI spawn as the primary, and officer uniforms.), add stock spawning variety.  Add spawn points for highway traffic stops (current method needs to grow to handle this)  Add non-felon stops, traffic assists for normal infractions, suspected drugs.     To add, have suspect with drugs chance to flee vehicle and drop drugs. Add ability to search vehicle in more detail. Dabble in seeing if I can make a scripted event to assist as a sobriety administering unit for a possible DUI/DWI call  
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to TheDivineHustle in Should prostitution be Legal?   
    It shouldn't be legal on the street. Sex in a car for money is absolutely disgusting. I can't even imagine walking down the street, and seeing people have sex in a car down an alley, and it be legal.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to TheDivineHustle in Should prostitution be Legal?   
    I'd rather not see a disgusting STD infected whore on the side of the road preaching sex and drugs to my children... no thanks.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Hystery in Should prostitution be Legal?   
    On one hand, there are those men and women who decide to sell their bodies by themselves. It's a choice of them, and they stand by it. No problem, they are free to do whatever they want with their bodies.
    On the other hand, there are those men and women forced into prostitution, often abducted in foreign countries and drugged to keep them addicted so they -have- to prostitute themselves to get their dose of drugs (procurement and all that).
    If prostitution was legal, it would open the gate to a lot of fucked up drifts in my opinion. At the very end, we are talking about human beings, not food. It shouldn't be legal to me.
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    OfficerAndrew got a reaction from Officerparks24 in Ivaud file association   
    Try to rename the file and remove the .ivaud extension to make it a normal File. Then go into OpenIV, goto the resident.rpf, backup the old WEAPONS file to desktop or specific folder, delete the WEAPONS file in the OpenIV window, drop the new WEAPONS file (the one without the .ivaud extension) into the resident folder in OpenIV, and then click rebuild via the File drop down menu.
    Hopefully that works, it does for me.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Iconography in Downloads Section Overhaul + New File Approval System   
    Downloads Section Overhaul
    We've launched an overhaul to the downloads section today.  Including new fields, a revamped layout for actual download pages and the ability to link mods together - we hope that the new downloads section is a big improvement for everyone.
    There'll be more information regarding these changes in the next few days.
    New File Approval System Trial
    We're also announcing a significant change to our file approval system.  With the number of files we have to process each day, it is becoming highly impractical to approve every single file.  Due to the busy schedule of many moderators, files sometimes have to wait over a day or two before being processed.  This can't continue, and we've definitely heard your complaints on the matter.  As a result, we are starting a 1 month trial of a new system.
    Effective immediately, members will no longer have to have their files approved by moderators unless there are outstanding circumstances or the account is extremely new (less than 1.7% of members fall into those categories).  In addition, thanks to the hard work from Cyan, we now have an automatic virus scan system.  When a file gets uploaded, it is automatically scanned for viruses.  If anything comes up, the file will be unapproved automatically.  This will significantly reduce the chances of anyone slipping malware through.  We will still be checking through files to look for any violations, and we encourage everyone to report files if they think something is incorrect.  We know some files will still be improper, but the vast majority (over 70% of them) have been fine to approve as-is.  We don't believe a minority of improper files should warrant every file having to wait days on end for approval.
    Anyone who fails to follow the upload instructions will have to deal with their files being taken down as soon as the problem is noticed.  It is in your best interest, as well as ours, to follow all rules thoroughly before you submit a file.  You don't want to have your file taken down randomly because you didn't follow the directions - no one will be able to download your file until you resolve any issues.  Anyone who routinely has issues following proper upload rules will have their auto-approval privileges revoked until they learn how to upload correctly.  In addition, we reserve the right to revoke anyone's auto-approval privileges if they repeatedly upload fake mods or other joke mods that are only designed to interfere with this site.
    On a related note, we will be phasing out the old system that allowed some members to bypass the approval system.  Since almost every member can now bypass approval, there is no need for that system to exist.  As an extension of the retirement of that system, members who have been allowed to change their profile backgrounds in addition to bypassing file approval will have that background feature revoked.  That was a very old legacy system that hasn't been right for this site for a long time.
    If at the end of the one month trial (6th of March) or sooner, we determine that the new system is not working, we will revert back to the old approval system and attempt to enact some other internal changes instead.  The profile background feature will not be restored, and the auto virus-scan feature will remain in place.  If the new system seems to work, it will remain in effect until further notice and the old auto-approve system mentioned earlier for select members will be removed entirely.  We will notify everyone on any updates to the approval system as additional posts in this thread.
    Asst. Community Manager.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to willpv23 in Ivaud file association   
    Use SparkIV instead, it is much better at handling sound files. Also,

    Your thread has been moved to the GTA IV Support Requests forum, as it is not an LCPDFR support request.
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to ineseri in GTA V for PC to not be Mod Capable   
    Meh, no real surprise here. GTA IV has DRM too, and we were able to mod it. GTA IV has no modding support, and we can still mod it. Virtually no game has "modding support". 
    We won't know until the game is released. 
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Mr.Quiggles in GTA V for PC to not be Mod Capable   
    As some of us await anxiously for the GTA V release for PC, some of us have bound to be wondering, how long will it take to be modded? 
    Rumors from /r/PCMasterRace and GTA forums suggest that Rockstar is including a DRM (Digital Rights Management) software.
    What does this mean? Well for one, you won't be able to pirate it. (I don't endorse this anyways). Well that's a win right? Apparently not.
    DRMs, from the limited information I researched, can include performance bottlenecks, crashes/instability, no-offline play, and no access to the game's files for editing.
    Tl;dr, DRM? AKA: No modding support.
    Will someone crack through the DRM? Will GTAV be available exclusively through Steam? Will Rockstar even include a DRM? Watch our panel discuss tonight at 7 on Weasel News. 
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    OfficerAndrew reacted to Fiskey111 in Bulletin from Deputy Police Commissioner   
    Ah okay!  What makes it a PPV?  I'll change that now.  I'll try to see if there are any nicer rims too!  I didn't even look at those!
      We shall see!  I'm gunna do some testing first to make sure it's perfect!
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