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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from Mr.JonnhyCZG in Month in Review: June   
    Totally didn't expect to get mentioned in this Month in Review!
    Gotta admit it was quite chaotic showing up to a suspect with a RPG
    Thanks for the mention, it's much appreciated and I enjoy providing screenshots to the community
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    DakotaM990 reacted to NDev in [WIP|REL] EMS Mod   
    Hi everybody!
    This is my FIRST script, so I'm sorry if you meet some issues during the game! :)
    EMS Mod allows you to play as a Paramedic (more characters coming soon!). Press “Generate callout” from the in-mod list and press Y in order to respond to citizens is a need!
    Current Version: 0.8 Beta.
    -Cardiac Arrest: reach asap the patient and treat him if you want to save his life!
    -Unconscious person: a person has suddenly lost his consciousness. Medical treatment is needed as soon as possible!
    -Vehicle accident: unfortunately somebody had a serious vehicle accident and he's waiting for your arrival!
    -Trauma: treat an injured person and carry him/her to the hospital!
    -Person shot: somebody was shot, rush to the scene, but wait for the police before approaching the patient!
    -Person with fever: Central reported a vomiting person with fever. Is it a severe infectious disease? Be careful!
    -Transport: you only have to transport a person because him/her cannot go lonely to the hospital.
    -Person hit by a car: somebody was hit by a car and now needs your assistance!
    Future features:
    -Treat in ambulance & Release patient on scene
    -Automatic Callouts Generator
    -Medic and Helicopter Units
    -Several ordinary (and special ;)) callouts
    If you want to dowload it:
    Thanks for downloading!!!
    PS: If there's an issue report it to me (PM me), please. All the details can be found in the readme.txt file inside the mod folder!
    I decided to create this topic in order to introduce my script and, most importantly, give you the chance to discuss about further features you'd like to see in my script!
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Lundy in New Rockstar statement on modding   
    Yeah, frig off T2 cunts. I'll smash ya next time without warning. Cute 2D girls can fight too, ya know.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Tony Koekelcoren in BIG FPS-drop when going on duty   
    Hello fellow officers,

    I’m having problems with my FPS when I go on duty.

    Normally I’m running GTAV at about 50FPS on high to ultra settings. From the moment I load LSPDFR it goes -5FPS and from the moment I go on duty I have a 20FPS downfall. Max 30 FPS is what I get, sometimes even lower. No, I can live with everything above 30 but from the moment it goes down...no way José.

    The very strange thing is, it doesn’t matter what I do with my graphics setting, the FPS stays the same.

    I found out that high res cars can lower your FPS but at that time no cars are loaded, just my basic character.

    I have a 4Ghz octacore CPU (which is recommended), a 4Gb GPU (which is double the recommended, and not even used to its fullest), 16Gb of RAM (also double the recommended) and a new motherboard to support all of this.

    I see there are some more people with this problem but nobody came up with a decent answer (at least none that I found)...if I obviously missed it...call me stoopid.

    People talk about some plugins that, when installed together, eat a lot of FPS. Some others state that, indeed those mods do that. And again another answers that indeed those scripts can cause FPS. Well, for me scripts, plug-ins and mods are 3 different things. They are alike in some kinda way but when trying to solve a problem we need to speak clear language.

    Anybody any experience with this and solutions?

    Thanks in advance for your time and effort. It will be much appreciated.

    Peace and a Colt .45

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    DakotaM990 reacted to Iggy Fresh in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    I created this for one of my episode's thumbnails, and thought it would be worthy to share on here!

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    DakotaM990 reacted to olddutch7 in Horrible Framerate when on-duty   
    I lowered my setting considerably and yes, it still lags. Before the update that made it go down hill, I would run the game on max settings with no problems at all.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to olddutch7 in Horrible Framerate when on-duty   
    Ever since two updates ago mine has been doing the same thing. It ran perfect before the update, and now when I start lspdfr, its lags every now and then. If I run just the game it works perfect, even with all the car mods. I tried everything you did, like running just vanilla lspdfr and it still lags, showing its not one of the plugins or callouts. I have yet to find a fix so if you do please share because lots of people have this issue.
    All the best,
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Rez in Recent FPS drop when playing LSPDFR   
    Yeahh I get FPS drops ever since R* released DLCs. The game ran like an absolute beast when it was first released.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Original Light in Recent FPS drop when playing LSPDFR   
    I can't wait for the day R* stops releasing GTA Online DLC and abandons the game. That being said, I've also noticed performance drops. 
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Cyan in Recent FPS drop when playing LSPDFR   
    Rockstar seem to increase the level of obfuscation on every update, this progressively slows the game down. That being said, I know a lot of LSPDFR plugins and others are very unoptimized which can lead to bad performance on weaker CPU systems. It is maybe worth trying to use LSPDFR by itself for a bit to see if your FPS improves, then adding plugins to see if one or many of your plugins are at fault.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to HvyMetal in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from Carrythxd in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    I'll hop on the party train,
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    DakotaM990 reacted to TheDivineHustle in Dallas Officers Fired Upon at a BLM Protest (Updated 12:57 AM EST)   
    I'd like to see the BLM response to this incident. Maybe they'll remain silent. Only black lives matter, of course.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to LukeD in lspdfr next update   
    When it's done.

    If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from Carrythxd in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    I'll hop on the party train,
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Carrythxd in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from Carrythxd in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    I'll hop on the party train,
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    DakotaM990 reacted to steinberg4145 in West Valley Designs WIP's   
    Hey guys look what was just released!
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    DakotaM990 reacted to c13 in New Upgrades to the Interceptors bullet proof doors   
    14 years shooting experience, 1 year working at a gun shop, 1.5 years in the infantry, countless hours spent researching gun violence.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to alexguirre in [WIP] Police Station Armory   
    Police Station Armory
    This is a simple plugin which will allow you to take weapons from Los Santos Downtown Police Station armory for all your killing neutralizing needs.
    Preview video:

    Suggestions and ideas are welcome.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to officerAMR in Police Bus?   
    Thats cool, didn't realised it had lights. I presume in the first clip the bus would have been used to send in 20 cops as extra security. I dont think it would be used as mobile command because they cover the windows on their command centers. 

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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from TaylorSwift in Best/Worse Pickup Lines?   
    :laugh:   I am so done
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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from Lundy in Snapmatic Thread   
    Heh I literally was cruising on Youtube and found the video for it minutes after posting. Thanks though! Props off to you on the snapmatic pictures though.
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    DakotaM990 reacted to Caesar in What unit do you use for a patrol? (Screenshots)   
    Note: There is window tint, but you can't see it in Open IV. You can see it below.

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    DakotaM990 got a reaction from lincon in Navy SEALS, Well....   
    No offense but Sissy-Dog Branch? What about the National Guardsmen that were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001? One in 10 troops killed in action since 2001 was a member of the National Guard
    You are thinking about joining but you don't know? You aren't sure you want to fight for people? You have the freedom of speech to bash the National Guard WHICH is not a Branch but a component of the United States Army. Unlike those and I quote "Kids that try to act like African Americans, or those so called cool kids and or bad as*ses that appreciate absolutely nothing" I actually respect the United States Military those Currently and those who have since retired. From what I've read from your comment you don't seem to appreciate the National Guard while they actually do fight for your freedoms aswell as many others. The National Guard is one of the most deployed Components/Unit in the US Military.