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    GE9X reacted to Helper Bot in How to fix online issue   
    Well, you can move the dinput8.dll anywhere. By doing This you can play online because when you delete or move dinput8.dll from GTA V main directory it disconnects GTA V from using mods, but it can also corrupt your game data if you have edited files with OpenVI. Anyway this post is good.   
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    GE9X reacted to Wibble in Are you ****ing kidding me?   
    Its much better if you play this in the background.
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    GE9X reacted to Fuel816 in Adding some more realism   
    As I was conducting a traffic stop I thought of this, when you run the persons name and  there wasn't to much info actually given. Along with this when giving a cite to the person you have to give them a dollar amount cite which isn't very realistic. 
    My idea was to add probation/parole status to the person, who the vehicle is registered to, if the registration is up to date, and if the vehicle has insurance in the information given when you run the persons name. For the cite, change from dollar amounts to a fix-it, infraction, and misdemeanor citation. I think doing these small things would add a lot of realism to the game
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    GE9X reacted to Illusionyary in The Mind-Boggling Classic Cop Car Thread   
    Here's some action clips from an old Aussie police drama. Featuring: hideous cars, awful acting and an awesome siren!
    That's a variant of the LTS siren by the way, which was primarily used in the 80's and 90's all over the country. Unfortunately, the MFB is the only department which still uses it today. If you've ever seen the Mad Max films, it was the siren used on his interceptor.