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LSPDFR cinematic action series - Episode 1

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Hi guys,


While we're all waiting on LSPDFR 4.0, here's a little series I was working on just for the love of making cinematic films.


The series is about police patrols realized into short cinematic films.

I'm not sure whose "Call-out" was used in this film but if you guys know, I'll credit the call-out in the description. 

Thanks for watching.

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9 hours ago, GameandChill said:

Wow that's amazing! Good job!

Thank you. 

8 hours ago, lovkal said:

Cool! Were those gun sounds added in post or can you get them as a mod for the game somewhere?

Thanks. No they're in-game. I've used this mod.
Sorry some bullet hits were added in post though. Gun sounds are all in-game using above mod.

2 hours ago, K9 Police 9 said:

nice job 😎

Thank you.

Edited by SpectreRain

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