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[WIP] Grande Callouts

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 Grande Callouts is an LSPDFR plugin which aims to add a variety of different callouts of no distinct category. This plugin does not aim to add lengthy or otherwise complex callouts, the majority will be quick service calls that are resolved mostly through already existant game scripts and mechanisms.



Green - Stable, works in game

Yellow - May or not be stable, a prototype is in the script

Red - Not scripted, but is planned.


Law Agency Assist: Distress Call

Tow Truck Operator Assist

Medical Emergency Assist: Heart Attack

Medical Emergency Assist: Stabbing


Current Prerequisites:

LSPD First Response 0.3.1 - The base LSPD First Response modification is required for use.

RAGEPluginHook 0.51+ - This plugin will only work with RAGEPluginHook 0.51+ or above.

Legal version of Grand Theft Auto V - This plugin will only work with legal copies of Grand Theft Auto V.


Compatible Plugins:

I believe that good plugins should be compatible with any variety of additional scripts. All plugins listed here are optional, meaning this plugin will work without them. Some functionality may not be offered without these plugins, however.

ComputerPlus+: this plugin is used to store information relevant to the current (and past) callouts triggered by this lugin. "Status Updates" may be provided throughout the course of the call.


Additional Features and or Things To Brag About:

Smart Exception Handling: A majority of possible exceptions will be caught by the script in the event that they do occur. Where possible, exceptions will be recovered from. For all exceptions (even those not caught locally), a variety of exception information will be printed to the RAGEPluginHook log file. Some exceptions can not be recovered from.

Configurable Settings: Self explanatory and expected. There are some settings you can configure, such as what callouts to enable, minimum and maximum spawn distance for callouts, keybindings, and more.

Minimal Performance Impact: This plugin is designed with performance and CPU use in mind. Separate threads are used where applicable, continual processes are only run when necessary.

Hopeful Consistency: My goal is to keep this plugin consistent where possible. This means keeping the script organized and using uniform functions across callouts and other parts of the plugin. This brings the benefit of being able to introduce modifications to the plugin with relative ease, including adding new callouts.


What I Want From You:

What do you want to see from a plugin such as this? Do you have any ideas for callouts or other scripts that can be added in? Are there any released plugins that could add additional functionality (note: these plugins must provide sufficient APIs)? Would you rather variables such as amount of suspects, vehicle models, et cetera be hardcoded, or would you rather be able to configure such variables through an .xml file?


Release Date:



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Update 1/19: I'm not happy with the current infrastructure being used for the plugin and have recently begun rebuilding from scratch in order to develop a better core that can better support what I want out of this project (as well as help ensure more compatibility with LSPDFR 0.4 once released). Some of the progress being made:


  • More versatile dependency checking and internal layout, allowing for better integrations of other scripts and plugins
  • image.png.d7de1452f868a2a22ced9009bc445a3a.png
  • Completed interfaces for:
    • Peds
    • Callouts
      • Base is done: integrated with ComputerPlus+
      • More versatility is being given to individual callout scripts compared to the previous iteration, especially during creation
  • Added a basic validation system for beta/developer versions
  • Added a system for checking for script updates
  • Added a basic logging system
  • Added a settings file with relevant loading system


Update 1/22: I've managed to get a good amount of work done in my spare time, and have gotten to a point where I believe I have a good basis to begin implementing callouts. The first callout I'll be working on is a law agency distress call, and I will hopefully be able to use this callout to test the infrastructure I've created thus far. I'd like to extend an indirect thanks to Stealth22, as I've taken some inspiration from his Code 3 Callouts code base when it comes to certain parts of my own code base.


More to come soon. Stay tuned.

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