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Today I noticed that the recorded downloads for my plugin:


is displaying on the page that it has 1,512 downloads but when I link it like above, it shows the correct ~3,500 downloads the file has. Also, since I have uploaded a new version, the main file page does not say it is undergoing review and has not updated to display 1.5.2 as the newest version, even though the changelog says it has been updated.


Here are some screenshots of what I see:







Also, I had edited and updated the main description of the file and those changes didn't seem to go through either, and now it appears the edit function has disappeared as seen above. Idk what's happening, I also tried using another browser/incognito mode


Thanks for the help!


EDIT: okay the edit options are back, but all of the other problems are still present


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Just thought I'd mention the problem is due to a bad cache on our end; basically the file has been updated on our system but old information is showing, so when this is fixed you won't have to update the file again.

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