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  1. Version 2.0.1b


    Enjoy this mod and want to support its development? Please consider donating using the button on the side bar READ THIS IF YOUR GAME IS CRASHING BEFORE ASKING FOR SUPPORT, MOST COMMON CRASHES FIX: Game is crashing when you approach a car on a traffic stop More than likely you do not have SearchWarrant installed correctly, or you have an error in your general.xml for SearchWarrant (keep in mind SearchWarrant is not required for this plugin, you may also use PoliceSearch or neither of them). The most common cause of this crash is installing SearchWarrant but not DarkAPI which is required. Get the latest DarkAPI here: https://www.ausgamer.net/files/file/24-darkapi/ Install it to your main GTA V directory If this did not work, then the second most likely cause is an error in general.xml for SearchWarrant Go to GTAV\Plugins\LSPDFR\SearchWarrant and right-click "general.xml" and then click "Edit" Hit Ctrl + F and enter "&" into the search field, then click find If you find a "&", then simply replace it with the word "and" Save the file, and the issue should now be fixed Keep in mind 2.0.0b is a beta release and may contain bugs I am not aware of. If you find any bugs, please report them to me in the comments section with the relevant information Known Bugs: Sometimes arrested peds will leave the backseat of your vehicle and try to drive away. No known fix but to grab them and put them back in the vehicle. Probably a plugin interaction. This is possibly fixed in versions 2.0.0 onward. Need more people to confirm. Be sure to change the .ini file to your liking Videos Thank you to Yo Adrian and FirstThirtyMinutes for making these videos! This wall of text and pictures do not do this plugin justice; I definitely recommend giving it a try! Requirements: Traffic Policer (Optional) Darkmyre's Search Warrant or PoliceSearch Features Ped Observation Get observations for any ped Automatic traffic stop observations for all occupants Gets status of ped including mood, behavior, and signs of intoxication [NEW] Lite Menu Based Computer System Run record checks, issue citations, summons, and create arrest reports with the new computer system Fully integrated with the rest of this plugin Customizable XML files for charges and citations IMPORTANT! Do not edit/add any new main root entries (eg direct descendants of the "Main" root). They will not be recognized by my plugin You can only add/edit entries under these roots with the "Charge" name Traffic Stop Questions [NEW] Traffic stop questioning menu, replaces default LSPDFR+ one To use, approach a car on a traffic stop and press the interaction key (default "Y") to open the menu You can: Ask the driver for their license and proof of insurance If the driver has no license, a suspended license, or warrants, there is a chance they will refuse to identify themselves to you, which is arrestable. Ask for passenger's identification Tell the driver the reason for pulling them over (27 default reasons so far, just comment any more ideas you have and I will try to add them) Ask general questions: "Where are you headed?" "Where are you coming from?" "Is the address on your license current?" "Do you own this vehicle?" "How do you know the passenger(s)?" Ask questions related to crime: "Have you been drinking recently?" "Have you you used any drugs recently? "Is there anything illegal in the car?" "Can I search your vehicle?" Most question's answers will depend on the ped's mood/intoxication level 210+ lines of mostly unique dialog Any more ideas for questioning should be added in the comments! [NEW] Issue warnings, citations, and summons with the new computer system [NEW] Can now order occupants out of the vehicle Field Sobriety Tests Currently has two tests, tried to be as realistic as I possibly could to real life tests: Walk-and-Turn test IMPORTANT! Make sure you select an area where the ped has enough room to walk and turn; I would say at least 3 feet on either side empty. Otherwise if in object is in the path the ped is walking, they may take a strange route. Learn more about the real life test: http://www.fieldsobrietytests.net/walkandturnfieldsobrietytest.html Horizontal gaze test Learn more about the real life test: http://www.fieldsobrietytests.net/horizontalgazenystagmusfieldsobrietytest.html Fully animated Evidence Store any evidence you find in any police vehicle View stored evidence Drop off stored evidence at any police station, marked by a "stash" icon on the map (pot leaf blip next to police stations) Field Narcotics Test Kits Narcotics stored in your evidence can be tested using reagent test kits in your trunk Positive tests are automatically stored in evidence Automatically recognizes when you store drugs in evidence and makes them available for testing Drugs are not always what they seem, e.g. sometimes what you think is meth will turn out to be PCP or cocaine If you use one of the custom XML files, these phrases are currently recognized by evidence storage as able to be tested: "white powder" "tan" or "brown powder" "blotter paper" "crystal" or "crystals" "unmarked pills" 5 different tests, based on real life counterparts (all information based on products from: http://www.sirchie.com/forensics/narcotics-investigation/pouches.html) Marquis Reagent (meth, heroin, morphine, MDMA) Scott Reagent (cocaine/crack) Fentanyl Reagent (Fentanyl) Phencyclidine Reagent (PCP) Ehrlich's Reagent (LSD) Custom narcotics.xml for DarkMyre's Search Warrant and PoliceSearch adds more options for unidentified drugs such as: "white powder", "suspicious crystals", etc Automatic Pursuit Updates When in a pursuit, will automatically give information on the speed and direction that the suspect vehicle is heading. Also gives details on traffic condition such as light, medium, or heavy (togglable) Installation: Copy the "Plugins" folder to your main GTA V directory. Pick an XML to use depending on what search plugin you have for added realism! (not required) Enjoy! Don't know what else to put here, just let me know if you find any bugs or if anything is unclear and I will try to fix it. Been a long road of development, thank you to everyone who has helped me on the way!
  2. Sounds like it could be a good edition, however I would need help in rewriting the XML files as I know little about European policing. If you want to PM me we can discuss the changes that would need to be made to the plugin
  3. Is it consistently crashing? The plugin is usually pretty stable. Please post your RagePluginHook.log file of the crash
  4. Phaxol

    Stuck on loading screen

    Sounds like you have an outdated update.rpf in your mods folder, did you recently update the game?
  5. Phaxol

    RPH Update Issue

    You are using v0.62.1216.14731 of RPH, the newest release is v0.62.1224.15140 Here is the latest version, make sure you download v0.62.1224.15140: http://ragepluginhook.net/GetDownload.aspx?id=3146
  6. Try running the game via the normal launcher, and when the launcher disappears but before the game window opens, start RPH. It should say "Waiting for game window..." and then when the game window appears it should automatically hook into it
  7. Phaxol

    LSPDFR Crashing "Force duty" and in PD "Start duty"

    To quote my other reply on your post on another thread:
  8. Phaxol

    LSPDFR crashing when going on duty.

    You are using an outdated version of my plugin that relies on ScriptHookVDotNet2, which you do not have installed. In the newest update I have removed that dependency and installing it should fix your crash (and add a cool new computer system ) :
  9. Phaxol

    Rageplugin Hook working...but not...

    Try starting the game by the normal launcher, then before the game window pops up but after the launcher goes away launch RPH. It should say "waiting for game window..." and then hook into it automatically when the game window pops up . Then from there it should skip the part where you choose story mode/online and load directly into story mode. This is how I do it with and have had no issues
  10. Phaxol

    Backup XML

    I find this tool to be very useful when editing XML files: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp It will tell you if you have any syntax errors, just copy and paste your full backup XML text into that and see if any errors are found.
  11. Phaxol

    EMS Crash

    I would recommend replacing it with another model and see if it fixes it
  12. Phaxol

    EMS Crash

    What vehicle do you have in the fbi2 slot? Does it work in game? It looks to me like the plugin is failing to spawn the vehicle/spawn the peds into it and then it is crashing when trying to make it drive.
  13. Phaxol

    How do i make a car any colour ?

    Nope, you want a fully transparent background except for what you want to see in game (for example just license plates). The texture should look something like this in most photo editing programs:
  14. Phaxol

    How do i make a car any colour ?

    For any place on the texture you want to be able to change the color, you have to make it transparent (no color at all) for it to be changeable in game. Then you use a trainer as Pavy said to actually change the color when you are in game.
  15. Phaxol

    Random angry peds

    Apparently this is a problem when you reach certain points in the story, members of certain groups will attack you on site and this will carry over to LSPDFR. The solution is to download a 100% save or move past the parts in the story where this happens (I haven't played the story, my answer is based on other forum posts with similar issues)
  16. Phaxol

    Car headlights and Initiate Traffic Stop same button

    This mod is what you are looking for I believe:
  17. Phaxol


    What are your specs? GTA V with mods is very intensive depending on the amount you have installed, high quality car mods especially. Do you use any graphics mods installed? When I stopped using the newest ReShade and switched to an old ReShade + ENB it increased my fps by like 40.
  18. Did the model come with a "<model name here>+hi.ytd" file? If so, try replacing the livery in this file as well or just delete it all together.
  19. Looks like you are missing these files that other mods depend on, try to install them and see if that fixes your issue: This one: https://www.ausgamer.net/files/file/24-darkapi/ And this one:
  20. Thank you for pointing that out, will hopefully have a fix out here in an hour or so
  21. Since I have made changes in the new .ini, you will have to change it once. In any future updates you can simply just replace the Interaction+.dll with the new version and leave the .ini untouched
  22. Update the requirements how? I'm pretty sure I removed the references to ScriptHookVDotNet2 from the file and post but if I missed one lmk And I can definitely look into adding it that feature Thanks fam
  23. Haha not a problem, honestly I should have thought of it earlier but I thought it was already on because you were seeing other notifications. Glad its fixed
  24. Yeah I am at a loss as well, you said you still see other notifications like callouts and plugins loading? Do you have phone notifications/alerts enabled in the settings tab? The only other thing I could find was an issue with MoreControlV but you don't have it installed