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Which game version because I am confused.

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1 hour ago, Cyan said:

How are you on such an old version? 

I'm thinking he wpuld validate then get off net or has it set to block all incoming in firewall for gta v and avoided updates or hasn't played in long time. 

Latest gta is as said 617 which on retail just let it update connected to the net and unblocking any firewall blocks if you used those and the rage that comes with the 0.3 lcpdfr is outdated already in the file so you'll need to visit ragehook.net site and get rage plugin hook 36 since I assume your on retail verson as steam would offer a update for gta v. 

Don't forget to get latest openiv and asi, script hook etc files and update your files needed such as visual c+ Microsoft and Microsoft.net files.

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