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Range Hook Update

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Rage hook currently has issues with retail. As the gta v update came at bad tine one of the lead members had a planned vacation along side pc repairs and other is out also. Keep in mind these people have normal life too while trying to do all this. They will update as soon as they can and other will look into the retail issue when he gets back. But this is why I make exact full backups of everything and gone as far as dedicating external drives for it since they sat doing nothing any how. Utilize the revert game version in rage hook also. Then you can literally revert in event rock* does cause breaks. This is a good time for me to stress that make backups. Also practice the habit of after validating your retail copy shut your router off, or disconnect your wifi usb to stop updating after validating. Utilize your firewall inbound blockers as needed. Most importantly make backups not just using the rage revert feature. Use it also but a copy stored elsewhere of the entire game comes in handy when you need to refresh back to a working game. But i recall reading if you have issues revert your game to 573 and use rph 34 until the guys can get back to it and solve the bug. They deserve a vacation like we all do so give it some time. If I find the topic I'll post it and link it here.




I hope those links help you in some way till things calm down from rock* monkeying update again. Downgrade by using the rph revert game feature or if you have a archived copy of your entire game you could take measures to revert that way also.

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